Monday, June 18, 2007

A few days ago, I was on the telephone with my boyfriend, talking about his career. It felt like an achievement to me.

You see, I never really knew what exactly he does. All I know is, he is quite good at what he is doing. Well, I know the name of his job, but I do not know what he does from day to day.

Unlike me, I always update him about how stressful/ wonderful my day is, etc etc. He does not do that.

And I don't always ask him about his career. I give him space. I know he does not like to discuss about his work to me, but I am curious.

I know the reason why he does not want to discuss his work with me. He is being cautious. He is being humble. But I really do not see him boasting if he talks about his work with me. But I have to understand, it is just him, he is like that, and I respect that.

But sometimes, it feels nice if he has something to share with me.

Part of it is my fault, really. During the early days of the relationship, I asked him not to discuss the value of his projects to me. I specifically told him, "You could tell things to me, but please, don't mention the values".

I just do not want to be blinded by the amount of money he is making.
I want to love him for him, not for his money.
Besides, if I know his salary, I would feel I am not suitable for him, he could find someone better, I would feel intimidated.

I do not want to encourage him to talk about money. The truth is, I am afraid.
I know how some people change after they become rich.
I do not need wealth, a comfortable life is just fine with me.

Actually, I do not want him to make more than we need. But as you progress with your work, everything you thought to be a huge amount, is now nothing.

But I guess, he took my instruction wrongly. He probably thought I am not interested at all about his work. The truth is, I am, it is one of the things that makes a couple stronger, is it not? I want him to feel that he is free to tell me anything. Communication is key. I want him to feel comfortable to discuss all sorts of things with me.

So, a few days ago, after much persuasion, he finally opened up. It feels good. It made me feel like I am REALLY a part of his life. Now, I know, there are certain buttons I need to push for him to talk about his work, I've found the secret weapon!

Right now, my boyfriend is busy filing a lawsuit because he was duped by his friend.


Cosmic_GurL said...

Friends and money dont mix. Friendship usually crumble when u mix both together.

So, do u know how much yr bf makes now? :)

Yours Truly ... XOXO said...

its gud to talk abt stuff ...sometimes... envy u.. ;P

the ectopy said...

cosmic_gurl: i am still not interested in knowing how much money he is making. haha...later-later la...after marriage kot...

yours truly...xoxo: kenapa envy? tak ade ape la...