Friday, June 1, 2007

I want you to be a Muslim

To be a judge is a huge responsible. You are the man of justice. People put faith in you to make the right, the most just decision.

Even Islam acknowledge this. To be a judge is one of the hardest jobs ever, along with being a leader, and probably, being a mother/ parent.

It makes sense even though you are not a Muslim. It is risky to be a judge. There are always people who are not satisfied with you verdict. You put your life, and your families' lives at risk. Is that not difficult to be a judge?

An ideal judge is a person with knowledge. He is sensible. He makes decision according to evidences and reliable witnesses. He has to put himself in the victim's shoes and calculate the fair punishment to the guilty party. He is a role model.

If I was the judge in Lina Joy's case, I would not allow her to convert either.

I probably cannot do anything with her decision to convert, but to forbid her to publicly convert is the least I could do as a judge.

Religion is not something you can play with. It is a commitment to God.

When living in a multi-racial community like in Malaysia, you have to respect many different cultures and religions.

We are already disrespecting God by not having Hudud Law implemented in this so-called Muslim country.

To agree with Lina Joy's plead is inviting troubles. It would give the wrong impression to the society that you could take religions lightly. It would crush people's hopes, especially her parents.

Let God decide your status. In the meantime, Lina Joy, you are still a Muslim as stated your IC, however insulting you are to Islam.

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