Tuesday, July 3, 2007


Mother and father do not like my boyfriend.
I am sad, very sad. Right now, I so hate them. There is nothing wrong with my boyfriend!

Mother and father still likes my ex-boyfriend, who is now, a married man. Until now, they blame me for our failed relationship. I hate my ex-boyfriend, they do not know how bad he treated me! And how could my parents betray their own daughter by defending my ex-boyfriend?!


My boyfriend may not be as good looking as my ex-boyfriend, but he is kind. My boyfriend may not look financially stable, but that's because he is humble! Do my parents really want him to show all proves of properties he owns?!

My boyfriend may only drive the national car, but he far could afford a fancier car than that! Hey, Syed Mokhtar pun pakai Proton Perdana saje tau!

Why can't my parents take a chance on a businessman? Why must they think all businessmen will meet bankruptcy later in their life?

Itu semua businessmen yang kaki judi, kaki perempuan, kaki mabuk, kaki ganja, tak sembahyang!

I know my boyfriend, I know his friends, I know his relationship with his family, he is not any of that!

And I do not care if he meets some difficulties later in his life, that's why I am here for, to be his wife, susah dan senang bersama!

I will marry my boyfriend, no matter what.

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Yours Truly ... XOXO said...

give them time..i hope things will fall into places for u... ;P