Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Nak kahwin lagi

From my last entry, you know father and mother suspected my boyfriend to be a drug dealer. Then, they suspected him to be a cook in his aunt's restaurant. Now, he is accused to be one pendakwah who travels from one country to another to spread Islam, tak kerja.

Shall I tell you guys why?

My boyfriend and I met not in Malaysia. My parents said, "What is he doing there? He doesn't cannot even find a job in Malaysia, that's why he was there."

I told him about his business but mother and father refused to believe, "It is not his own business! It must be his aunt's, and he is just a cook at his aunt's restaurant".

Then, I told my mother about his good family background which led to them thinking he must be some sort of ahli dakwah who doesn't work or something.

Anyway, an old flame pestered me, and my boyfriend found out. He was hurt, and he said things he never told me before:

"Do you love me? Kenapa tak jaga hati I? I told you not to give your new number to him, tapi you degil! You tengok I suke-suke depan you, tapi you tak tau macam mana hati I. And with your parents accusing me macam-macam...You ingat I tak sedih ke? Apa salah I? I terase hati tau...Tapi I nak buat macam mana...I kerja baik-baik, parents you tuduh I macam-macam. Rokok pun I tak sentuh! I tak pernah buat jahat...That's why I am with you. Tuhan dah kata, orang yang baik jumpa orang baik."

Sayu hati saya mendengarnya.

Father and mother probably think there is no man is good for their daughter. "What degree does he have?"

I am not that good, really.

He may not have a super duper degree, but he is good at what he is doing.

Haish, bile orang perempuan belajar tak pandai, cakap kite bodoh, bile dah belajar tinggi-tinggi, nak cari suami pun susah!

Thank you, boyfriend, for being patient with this whole scenario.

Kawan saya kata, "Jagalah hati mak bapak, nanti Allah jaga hati kite".

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