Thursday, July 5, 2007


Now, father accused me of loving my boyfriend just because he likes to shower with expensive gifts. First of all, he rarely gives me anything. Second of all, doesn't that show he has a stable job?

Father even suspected him to be a drug dealer because at that age, he doesn't believe my boyfriend could own a company.

Went out with boyfriend and friends.
Received a call from mother.
Went home.
Shouted by father, "Duduk rumah ini, kena ikut peraturan rumah ini!"
He shouted a few other words at me too, but I couldn't hear/ remember what he said as I walked into my room.
Locked myself in my room.
Mother unlocked my room.
Locked myself in the toilet for three hours.
Received and sent SMS to mother and father.

Father said sorry for losing his temper.
Mother asked me to come out.

I said, "There is nothing to say".

I said, "I haven't done anything wrong. I am not guilty. What do you want from me? I always fulfill your wishes. I am a good daughter. You want me to study, I always excel in my studies. I am not spending your money, I only ask when I most need it. I don't do drugs, I don't drink, I don't even smoke."

I said, "Saya hidup tak menyusahkan mak bapak. Why are you not thankful to have me? I am 20++ years old, I have been taking care of myself for three years living abroad, I travel outside the country by myself all the time, some of the people my age have their own children, why do you still treat me like a child?"

Mother said, "It is not that we don't allow you to go out, it is the people you are with."

I said, "I told you with whom I hang out with, you know them, you know them since I was small!"

Mother said, "It is not them, it is your boyfriend."


When I was little, whenever I had fights with my parents, I wished I was a cat. A cat is not controlled by their parents. I even thought of where would I sleep and where would I find food.

I wished how nice it would be if life was much simpler.

I never told my life behind my house door to anybody. You are the first one to know. (Other than my boyfriend).


Rodrigo said...

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dazzledalie said...

i so feel you gal....

hang in there.. :)

Cosmic_GurL said...

U dah bawak yr bf jumpa yr parents? Maybe yr bf needs to put more effort to ambik hati yr parents

the ectopy said...

cosmic_gurl: dah bawak da...

dazzledalie: thank you =) im fine now