Saturday, July 14, 2007


This is the topic I came across with my boyfriend the other day.

He talked about his rich friends who have scandals with Malaysian celebrities.

"Why do they after celebrities? They are other people in this world who are pretty and better than the celebrities. The celebrities are not even THAT pretty!" I argued.

"Because they are pretty on television, well-groomed...They are the ones who are sexy and stylish," my boyfriend answered.

"Okay, fine. I don't care about those businessmen, because sometimes they don't care, they don't have the values, but what about those politicians? They are public figures, shouldn't they choose someone decent? Doesn't that reflect who they really are? I mean, they are supposed to be smart but why do they choose these women? You know what, I always think, if these people can't get decent, normal people to fall in love with them, there must be something wrong with them!"

"Well...You know what? They are probably smart in what they are doing, politics or business, but when it comes to women, they are not. Just look at the youngest Datuk in Malaysia, sure, he is smart in running his business, but he was caught in bed with that woman. A Datuk doesn't get caught of khalwat! That shows how stupid he was because he doesn't know how to cover up his act by using his power thus they got caught!"

"How did they get caught?"

"I think somebody called JAIS. And that's why that woman was divorced by her then husband!"

"Why is he with that woman anyway? She had a husband!"

"Thus, twice the stupidity. Dah lah kena tangkap khalwat, dapat janda pulak tuh!" my boyfriend made fun of him.

"But...Wasn't she just got married? It was not even a year, right? Why did she go with that other man? Didn't she love her then husband?"

"She loves the money...Look at EF, she even dumped that good-looking HI for the rich TE..."

"But TE is good-looking as well!"

Silence. Then, I continued saying, "Jodoh kot..."

My boyfriend agreed.

"Mati dan jodoh ketetapan Tuhan kan? Tak boleh tukar-tukan kan?"

My boyfriend nodded.

"Then, those people yang kahwin cerai kahwin cerai tuh, dia tu banyak jodoh lah ye?"

"Memang betul pon".

"I once read, those people who are still not married, their jodohs are probably already dead...Anyway, so, those people yang kahwin cerai kahwin cerai, you cannot blame them la for not behaving ke, or tak pandai jaga suami is their jodohs afterall!"

"Iye lah kot...Agaknye..." my boyfriend was confused as well.

I sighed.


katakbesar said...

love is blind

yg EF tu..
bukan TE la.. EE kan?

jodoh dan ajal adalah kerja Tuhan
kita ni boleh berusaha je

good luck !

the ectopy said...

oohh...EE eh? ehehehe...tak reti sangat lah nama nama orang popular ni...

Yours Truly ... XOXO said...

thhehehe yeap..true indedd...another reason y u shouldnt worry... ;P