Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Mean mother

It is confirmed. The main reason mother does not like my boyfriend is because his house is so far from mine and the prejudice towards certain people from certain states in this country.

My outings with my boyfriend have never been peaceful.

My parents would pester me to come home quick.

Sometimes I wish I don't even live here.

My mother even sent an SMS: Kenapa suke keluar dengan dia? Dapat berlian emas ke kalau tengok muka dia tu? Menyampah!

I could not hide the humiliating SMS from my boyfriend because I was driving.

He was hurt, I know, but he did not say anything, because the sender was my mother, the person he shall respect, always.

We will make this work.


Ms J said...

sorry for this uninvied visit to your blog..stay true to oyur heart, if your boyfriend has not hurt you in anyway and had always been respectful of your parents, even if they take a long time, they will eventually accept him.
am keeping my fingers crossed for your happiness and blessings from your parents.

the ectopy said...

Thank you. I love your entries btw