Thursday, July 26, 2007

Berlagakkah saya?

In university, a senior told me this, "When you do your practical in Malaysia, you have to be extra extra extra friendly and humble, just because you study abroad".

We, students who study/ studied abroad, especially for undergraduate programmes, especially if we study/ studied in the Western countries, are constantly watched. For the slightest mistakes, we hear hurtful statements like, "Berlagak belajar overseas!"

Most graduates from local universities often feel threatened by us. They think we think we are superior than them, believe me, most of us, do not!

We are under pressure all the time.

People expect us to be fluent in English when we return. The truth is, I know a few who still suck at the language (eg: me!).

An innocent statement like, "Panasnya!" make the local students glared at us.

Or, "Dulu belajar dekat mana?" "Ala...Tak belajar oversease macam you..." (Tak berniat nak berlagak pon soalan tu sebenarnya.)

One time, someone got a scolding, "Awak ingat awak belajar overseas tu bagus sangat? Ingat, mak bapak kami semua yang tanggung perbelanjaan awak belajar dekat sana!"

Harsh, I know.

Maybe that someone made a mistake too, maybe.

From my observation, Malaysian students/ workers feel like they need to justify themselves most of the time in the presence of 'overseas' students.

"Kau orang dekat sana tak dapat buat macam ni kan?"

"Final year baru kau orang dapat buat kan? Kami dah buat sejak kami second year!"

It is hurtful to read a blog which expressed the blogger unsatisfaction and many replied to her blog, making statements like, "Budak overseas memang berlagak pon, susah nak jumpa yang elok..."


My Malaysian friends from university are all kind, how could you say nice overseas students is a rare breed?

Don't you know there are some of us who come from poor families, and living abroad is/ was really difficult? We work/ed to get extra income.
We are/ were the international students who have to compete with other students ALL OVER THE WORLD just to be accepted in the universities.

Do you think it is all leisure?

Oh, and for your information, I have a friend who works as a lecturer and he is biased towards Malay students, especially those who come from the same state as he is!

Tak senonoh.

Why can't we be treated the same?

Why are these people become so sensitive when dealing with the 'overseas' students?

We actually look up to the local students sometimes, because they have many opportunities they do not realize.

For example, the local students graduate sooner than us.

Then, why are you so jealous of us?

Is it simply because some of us speak with an accent?

Okay, that's probably a little bit annoying but there are local students who speak with an accent too!


Ms J said...

haha..i have a few friends who studies overseas with me - only for 3 years, and still 'maintain' their british accent..padahal dok UK 12 years ago! its people like them that give 'overseas' graduate the berlagak image to the locals. i dok UK 8 tahun capak english like melayu - lidah tak tergeliat pun.

Yours Truly ... XOXO said...

its not you...its other typical malaysians... ;P

Faiz Fazil said...

Sangat tepat post ni. Sometimes it's annoying that we have to be extra humble, and say things like .."oh, saya duduk sana 3 tahun je..sekejap sangat tu, takde apa pun.." or "malaysia jugak lah yang best.." while they're true, so annoying that i feel i need to say them.

My seniors kena buli dengan superiors yang local grad, while budak local from UTP(amik kau kena hint baik punya)lepak je, semuaorang cakap camtu. Tak pasal-pasal.

missy is K.U said...

i feel you..!
what to do...malaysian memang camtu
thank god, im half puerto rican, heh

the ectopy said...

thank you for understanding =)