Friday, August 17, 2007

You and you.

At last, I am here.

I have been in out and the country, in and out of the state, busy.

A vacation with friends, a visit to my boyfriend's hometwon, and most importantly, my first meeting with his parents, which by the way, went well.

I was even given gifts! I like gifts, I like free things, so I was happy, and still am happy.

The best thing is, I stayed in a five-star hotel, with a room with two king-sized beds, and for me and only me alone! Macam anak raja! And again, I like free stuffs, so I took the opportunity to take all free soaps, shampoos, pens, paper, everything available for free!

Kiasu betul. But that's me!

Right now, at this very moment, I am chatting with my ex-fling who is still hoping to have me.

He complimented me on how great I look and he told stories about his family who adores me, about his grandmother who always ask about my well-being.

I am touched.

I told him, "They like me because of what I am doing, right? They wouldn't like me if I was just a waitress".

He denied. He said the real reason is because of my attitude: humble and respectful.

And all I did when meeting with his family was laughing.

Strange. Because my boyfriend always say that he likes me so much because I am so humble.

I don't think I am humble, cuma biasa-biasa saja, not even likeable, because I do have enemies of my own. I have cold wars with people, I sense they are many people who don't like me, I just know.

Anyway, I am glad I have been lucky. I charm parents. But for men to impress my parents, that's hard. Really.

It didn't bother me much because I never had the strong urge to settle down. It used to be, even I was happy that they disagreed, because they helped me add another reason to 'why I cannot marry you' speech.

It is different now. Now I've met the one, I have become braver to oppose my parents. I shouted like when I was a kid. I defended my boyfriend, I fight for him.

I hope my parents will understand on how important my boyfriend is to me, and how much I want to make it official.

To mother and father, please don't make me choose between you and my boyfriend.

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