Monday, August 20, 2007


My boyfriend wanted to buy a Dopod for me.
I declined.
My friend said I am foolish.
My mobile phone is still working just fine.
Besides, I'd rather him buying me an iPhone.
Has iPhone arrived in the Malaysian market yet?


My boyfriend is a big spender. I am not.
Sometimes, it is quite disturbing to see my boyfriend splurge, but at the same time, I am happy to have a boyfriend who knows brands. He is the person who introduced me to designer labels, some I never even heard of before.

Unlike him, I don't know how to appreciate the brands. The way I show my appreciation is to save the clothes/ shoes/ handbags/ watches for really, really special occasions, but, I don't see the point of keeping your expensive items. Wouldn't you want to display your expensive clothes/ shoes/ handbags/ watches?

I like to buy bargains because I like to have many things in my closet. And if I find new things I like, I won't feel guilty to throw away the old, less nice-looking clothes/ shoes/ handbags/ watches.

I don't like to go shopping with my boyfriend. I don't like him insisting to pay. Well, actually, I like him to pay, but I would feel very guilty. I don't want people to think me as a razor (pisau cukur). Besides, it is wrong to spend someone else's money!

Shopping with him makes me feel small. He has nothing to do with this, it is just me. I would feel like, 'Does he think this is an ugly bag?' or 'Does he feel embarassed to shop with in this cheap shop?' or 'Does he think this is too cheap?' or 'Does he think I am being too picky to buy something this cheap?'.

Now that my boyfriend has observed my spending habits, he wants to be more like me.

Of course I am happy that he now has realized that you could buy similar products for much more less expensive.

But I like him the way he is! I like to see him in nice clothes and shoes, looking well-groomed most of the times. I like his high-maintainence, metrosexual behaviour. That's one of the reasons why I fall in love with him in the first place.

How do I tell him to keep buying designer labels but for himself alone, and not for me? How do I tell him in this relationship, only I can be the bargain girl, only I can be the poorer one, only I can be the partner who is always so careful with her money?

God, this is awkward.

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you are one lucky lady to have a boyfriend willing 2 splurge on you..,