Monday, July 23, 2007

Teman tapi mesra

I attended a wedding ceremony with a friend.

He is my good friend, and we have known each others for more than five years. I still remember the first time we talked, and we clicked instantly. We even went for vacations together. Many people have mistaken us dating, but we are just close, very close, not more than that. I could tell him almost about anything, and he would be the first one to know most of the time, until I found my boyfriend.

Everywhere we go, people would associate him with me. I know his friends, and he knows my friends. Those whom I haven't met, would greet me by, "I always see you in his pictures," or, "So, this is you...I finally meet you, he talks a lot about you".

Even his parents thought we are dating and keep asking about me.

Anyway, sitting besides him, as comfortable as always, we watched the glorious bride and groom. He said,

"When is our turn?"

"Huh?" I responded. "Oh, you mean getting married? I am just a step away! I already have a boyfriend," I tried to hide the awkward way the sentence was constructed.

"You la! Two steps away...Because, you must find a girlfriend first," I continued.

My boyfriend, until today, still is convinced that my friend has a crush on me, but he does not feel threatened at all because my boyfriend trusts me.

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