Friday, July 20, 2007


My mother said, "Why don't you date doctors?"

"Which doctor?" I asked.

"Your friends, Doctor 1, Doctor 2 or Doctor 3"

The four of us used to be close, but I guess, we drifted apart. We are busy with our works, we don't see each other often anymore.

Besides, two of them are not in talking terms, so that's sad. It is another reason why we are no longer close.

My answer to my mother was:

Doctor 1 is only a friend. He is too sensitive, emo sometimes, not my type.

Doctor 2 is younger than I am, he is like a brother to me, I know him too long to get romantic suddenly. Euw!

Doctor 3 has a girlfriend. And he drinks. And he does drugs. No way!

My parents, although wise in some things, still naive in others: Eh, doktor pon hisap dadah ke?

"Mak ingat doktor-doktor ni baik sangat? Ala...Diorang stress kot..."

"Habis tuh, kerja macam mana?" my mother asked.

"Mana la orang tau...Pandai lah die..."

My questions:

1- Why do parents like doctors? I do not like doctors except for that astronout doctor. I like architects! And pilots! And my boyfriend...Haha!

2- Why does mother not forbid me from meeting Doctor 3 even after I told her that he is on drugs, but she accused my boyfriend for dealing drugs instead? Just simply he is a doctor and my boyfriend is not? Prejudice!

3- When are my parents going to accept the fact that I am going steady with my boyfriend, my relationship with him is serious, and I am not going to date anybody else because I am happy with what I have? So, please stop suggesting because I have found him.

P/S: I am not a doctor.

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Cosmic_GurL said...

Doctor la paling senang nak jadi drug addict pasal ada free flow supply of drugs...hehehe