Friday, March 7, 2008


Bought something from ebay and the seller sent me the wrong item. Bodoh. Menyusahkan hidup.


Kawan cakap, "Dia memang dah patut kahwin. Dah bersedia mental dan fizikal!"

Saya cakap, "Bersedia fizikal? Hahaha! Kalau fizikal aku, dah bersedia tak? Boleh kahwin?"

Kawan cakap, "Kau belum lagi. Fizikal tak belum bersedia. Kau sedikit buncit."

Me, buncit??? Ouch!

I would like to argue that a woman should not lose weight just because she is getting married.

My sister-in-law was and is not a slim woman, but she looked pretty on her wedding day.

My friend, instead of losing weight, she actually gained weight despite all efforts to lose the fat, but she looked lovely as well on the big ceremony.
Badan dia montel-montel, gebu-gebu, mantap-mantap, montok-montok gitu...I tengok pun geram rasa nak gigit!

What do I think about my body? I feel very comfortable in it. I used to feel quite insecure because I gained weight rapidly after puberty, from a skinny girl into a blooming woman (cewaaah...time tu baru 14 tahun dah a woman konon), but as time went by, I got used to my new, improved body and began to accept and love myself.

I may no longer wear the smallest size, but men drool at me, or at least I think so. Men still do check me out and I still do receive nice comments from men about my body (I annoyed my male friends about going on a diet and they spilled the beans on what they and their friends think of my physical! I do it to flatter myself, just for my own amusement, and it works everytime! They might be lying just to stop me from whining, but there's no harm to be 'perasan' once in a while)

I may have a fairly flat chest but I am positive my girls will grow into a C/ D cup after being caressed/ massaged/ sucked/ licked/ bitten/ etc by my future husband/ future kids.
At least it is more unlikely of me to have sagging boobies, so, I am happy.

I don't know why women nowadays, even the teenagers and kids, are so obsessed to be slim. Most of them don't even need the weight loss! I understand if they do it for health, but they could just do that by exercising. It is healthy and cheap!

I pardon these women and girls, but I totally don't get it why mothers join this Size Zero craze too!

A mother should have a motherly figure, don't you think? It is fine if a mother is slim and has a body of an 18-year-old, but it is definitely not okay if a mother has a bit of excess love handles and starting to feel ashamed about it.

You are a mother. You are beautiful in the eyes of your children. Your children bring you joy, and why can't you sacrifice your body which is not harmful at all to barter with the blessings? Embrace the gift, play with your children, ensure you feed your chidlren with healthy food (and automatically, you'll start having a healthy diet as well) and you'll lose the weight without you even know it. I love the radiance and the glow of a mother/ bride. Beautiful.

According to my years of observation, I lose weight better when I am happy and do not think of losing weight at all. Isn't that ironic?

I believe you can still be pretty even though you are a bit chubby. It all depends on how you carry yourself.

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