Wednesday, March 26, 2008

G-strings and me. Me and G-strings. My friend, G-strings.

So far in my whole life, I own three pairs of G-strings or thongs, whatever you call it, I can't tell the difference.

Three. Three were given by the same man, on two separate random occasions, and no, the man is not my boyfriend.

My boyfriend is quite conservative, he'd die if someone he knows sees him with me buying lingeries. He has what we call, 'Malu tapi mahu' attitude. He wants to go lingerie shopping with me on one condition: there must be no witness!

"Lelaki lain belikan I lingerie, G-strings lagi, you ni, dahlah boyfriend I, temankan I pun you malu! Tapi bila dah beli, cepat aje you tanya colour apa, design macam mana, korek-korek shopping bag I pulak...Tak senonoh!" I scolded him.
"Adik-beradik I semua lelaki lah, I nak tahu rupa dia macam mana je!" coming from a 30+ year-old man, this is pretty pathetic.
"You tengoklah Mak you punya!"
"Peliklah tengok Mak sendiri punya! Gila nak perhati Mak punya! Mak I punya tak cantik. Mak I dah tua, dah tak pakai dah kot...Hehehehe."
"Ah! Tak boleh, nak tengok, you temankan I!" I said, laughing.
"Nanti orang nampak, malulah I! Kawan-kawan I tak macam kawan-kawan you...I kan dah bagi duit, kira macam I belikan untuk you la..." he said.
"No...You kena pilih sendiri design mana you suka, then you bagi I as a present, surprise me, baru betul!"
"I nak you pakai G-string," he said, half dreaming.
"I tak pakailah..."
"Kenapa? Pakailah! Sexy tau...Apa girlfriend I ni tak westernized!"

I don't know why but I never had the desire to buy and wear G-strings.
- I thought it was uncomfortable
- I am afraid of what Mother would think, "Ni apa tali reben reben masuk washing machine ni?"
- Panties are cheaper than G-strings, at least the ones I've found and liked so far...
- I couldn't wear G-strings when I am having my periods
- I am afraid my cute bums will sag without proper supports
- I couldn't wear pantyliners with G-strings. Yeah, yeah, I know there are specially designed pantyliners for G-strings out there, but...
- I am too old for G-strings?
- I thought G-strings are for slutty girls
- G-strings became very famous when low-cut jeans was popular. You wear G-strings with low-cut jeans, so everybody could see the strings on your waist. Peek-a-boo. Sexy...?
- Low-cut jeans are so last century! I am a die-hard fan of skinny jeans, bright, colourful skinny jeans...You don't need to wear skinny jeans with G-strings
- My principle is strong: Underwears shall forever remain private, not even one string, a string from a G-string, or a string from a bra strap, should be seen in public.
- I thought G-strings are too skimpy for me, I couldn't fit into one!
- I thought G-strings are just a style, which would die after two years. I was wrong, G-strings still exist!

One day, I saw a chubby friend, C, 5 years older than me, bought loads of G-strings. Wow, although older than I am, chubbier than I am, she has the confidence to wear sexy lingeries! 'I must not act old,' is my new resolution. If she could wear them, why can't I? Besides, I know many men fantasize us to wear G-strings, I should give it a go.

Besides, C said, "Best tau pakai G-strings, especially dengan jeans. Rasa best lah!"

So, I wore G-strings and announced it to the world. Not in 'come-see-my-peek-a-boo-G-strings-' kinda way, but more like, 'heyya-friends-today-i-am-wearing-G-strings-it-is-new-to-me-I-feel-like-I-have-accomplished-something-big' kinda way.

It took a while for me to get used to the strings in between my two buns, but not too bad...Not bad at all...

True, G-strings make you feel sexy and I vow to buy more G-strings and wear them more often. I will wash my undies myself or I will volunteer to hang the clothes from the washing machine before Mother sees them and wondered, "???"

G-strings are okay, but they are still a bit uncomfortable when worn to bed. I think, this is how it feels like, like men who don't like to wear undies when sleeping, is the same like me who don't like wearing G-strings to sleep. Rasa nak tarik tarik je...Tersepit. Or am I wearing the wrong size?

And one other thing about G-strings is, they make it difficult for me to pass winds.
Ada resistance.
Tak puas.
Velocity angin kurang.
Tiada bunyi.
Sungguh sopan.


Irregularities said...

Where got man sleep wearing underpants. Doesnt feel right - esp when we wake up early in the morning :)

epngyk said...

I prefer woman to wear n-panties

phantom said...

LOL! Good entry. Perhaps i should take up the subject further in my blog.
Btw The difference between G Strings and G Spot apparently G Strings originated from Sahara G spot is so bloody difficult to find. even harder than Sahara.

the ectopy said...

irregularities: i know, i know...banyak alasan nak berbogel la korang ni...

penyangak: you are always lain dari yang lain.

phantom: tak susah la cari G-spot! you yang tak pandai cari...Kena explore lebih sikit je...(hehehe, the truth is, even i dont know where is my own g-spot. it's a well-hidden treasure)

Anonymous said...

erm.. isnt G spot all the same for every woman?? alamak...

i prefer skimpy lacy panties to g-strings. that makes me feel sexaaayyyy!!

and, i dont think people would wear g-strings to bed...

penyengek said...

senang je nak reveal g-spot perempuan, bawak dia pergi shopping. nanti dia moaning tak ingat nye tak pasal.

Sarclover said...

okayla.. my take on this ;

1) G-Strings- the one with those flimsy string.
Thongs - not with strings. these are sturdier.

2) i dont personally like wearing anything when i sleep... Au Naturel is the way to go.

3) G strings are practical, lacy boy short, matching corsets and garters are sexy.

4) i like going commanod in jeans... makes me feel sexier.

5) G-spots are different on different woman.. betulll!

Anonymous said...

sarclover the Guru!


the ectopy said...


t-Ya said...

I setuju nombor 2 dan 5 of sarclover.

btw, TQ for this post. it makes me feel a lot better now



the ectopy said...

Oh, I forgot to tell, once, I went comando in jeans, then, kena raba, then he immediately thought I was ready for him. Eee, tolonglah!

bangkai said...

Not all men are averse towards lingerie shopping. I personally think its a lot of fun. Think about it, that flimsy lace number is more for the man's benefit than it is for the woman (No! He doesn't have to wear them to enjoy them, right?).

g-man said...

g-string lebih confident...

period? tampon kan ada...

gstringboy said...

hi all..

i lelaki tapi i pun pakai gstring n thong..even since i was in form 5
feel quite awkward at the beginning but now that is my underwear for everyday...i luv them more and now i have about 15 pieces different color and brands

for me guys also should try to wear thong n gstring bcoz there are more comfy towards our manly part