Saturday, March 29, 2008

The aftermath.

I wrote before about the story of N, claimed by her family that she was possessed by an evil spirit.

Lets recap the last moment of her:

She screamed, had a seizure (I think, because a spoon needed to be inserted into her mouth and foam started to form) and the bomoh was contacted.

At this time, I gave my boyfriend a long lecture of how important it is to bring N to the hospital because N had not been eating and drinking properly, plus she could not sleep, even a healthy person could go crazy if these necessities are deprived for 4-5 days.

I also told my boyfriend, N might has an infection that affects her brain, which subsequently lead to behavioural changes. I made this diagnosis because I was aware N works in Pekan and this all started when she was in Pekan. According to my general geographical knowledge (correct me if I am wrong), Pekan is near to the forest where tropical organisms/ infections are common.

There are also other things that might cause her insomnia. Psychiatric problems, maybe? Who knows, unless you go for an investigation at the hospital. She was obviously ill and in need of help.

Anyway, after a couple of hours, the bomoh cannot do anything to alleviate the situation, so they decided to take N to the hospital.

My boyfriend visited her everyday. The first day, my boyfriend said she was stable and was severely dehydrated.

Today, I asked my boyfriend about N's progress and my boyfriend said, "Okay dah dia. Doktor jumpa kuman in her brain."

I immediately sought for my boyfriend's acknowledgement, "Haa...Kan I dah kata...Kena rasuk konon...Main tuduh-tuduh orang je..."

The thing is, I don't know whom would want to send an evil spirit to her in the first place. She doesn't have enemies.

I hope, the delay presentation to the hospital won't have a huge influnce in N's outcome.

So, the moral of the story is, what you can do if something strange arise is, first, seek for medical assistance. You can berdoa, solat hajat, panggil bomoh while you are at the hospital, can't you?

Malaysians need to modify our health-seeking behaviour.


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