Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Pernah tak berperasaan begini...
"Awat bodoh sangat my other half ni!"
Sambil pegang kepala macam tak percaya.

A quote that goes something like this (I can't really remember):
Why do we hurt the people we trust the most?
Because you know they will still love us no matter what.

How true, eh?

It just feels good when more than one person fancy you. I think I have three at the moment, and I love to threaten/ tease my boyfriend about it. Sometimes, I even forward their text messages to my boyfriend, just to tick him off.
One keeps calling me 'Sayang', another calls me 'Baby'.
And just now, I laughed while reading their text messages, and told my boyfriend, "Men are funny creatures".
They are. They know I am not available but still buat perangai mengada.


penyangak said...

forward je address derang kat bf kau suruh dia bedok sorang sorang wahugeahgeakugea

the ectopy said...

my bf is very gentleman, hehehehe...(entah entah, dia yang kena bedok nanti)