Sunday, March 30, 2008

S and J.

After I heard the story of Jah and her husband, Salleh, I wonder, what's God's big plan for them? I wonder what did Salleh do to deserve Jah? I mean, he must have done something so right which manages him to get a loyal wife like Jah.

Jah and Salleh started their love affair way back, probably since college, or probably even before that. Salleh's family is not well-off, Jah was the one who supported him from one to time. One time, Salleh's house was on fire, he didn't have anywhere to stay. Jah is smart person, she was the one who helped Salleh all the way, even did some assignments for him.

In between those times, another man approached Jah and Jah was caught in a dilemma. Salleh fell on his knees, begging for Jah's love, Jah's loyalty, telling her he could never live without her.

A few years later, Salleh now works in a huge company in KL. He promised to marry Jah. With his huge salary, he told Jah he prefers Jah to be a housewife after marriage, because he could support them.

Although Salleh received education in a respectable religious school, his first encounter with sex was when he was 17 years old. This habit is made worse when he started to work in that company where everybody else is hip and happening, he feels he has to keep up-to-date with the current trend.

Salleh is pretty proud with his sex life and what man doesn't? He told his friends in details how he paid RM400 per hour for that whore and described her body and how they made love and how he worked very hard to ejaculate before the hour ends and how he could introduce you with this woman and that woman etc etc.

Boy, his bestfriend, always listens and never says anything to him. His principle is to never interfere with anyone's life, who are you to say anything to him? He told his girl, Ira, about Salleh and Jah, and many times Ira persuaded Boy to tell Jah about Salleh before they got hitched. Boy didn't think it was wise.

Jah eventually did know about Salleh's activities. But Jah's hope was high, she thought after they are married, Salleh might change.

During a school reunion, Salleh met his long lost classmate who is now a teacher. She is quite pretty and from then on, they sleep together regularly.

What made me wanted to explode is when Salleh slept with this teacher on the night before his engagement with Jah. When Salleh's mother called to ask his whereabout, he was cuddling with that teacher.

This teacher is fully aware about Salleh and Jah, but I guess she is just a cold, heartless bitch.
Yerla, cikgu kan miskin, tuh pasal tergedik-gedik dengan lelaki kaya...Oh, I am so bitter!
But it is still wrong, I would never want to send my children to a teacher like her!

After only 9 months of marriage, Salleh and Jah's marriage is now on the rocks.

Salleh no longer wants to be seen with Jah. Jah pakai tudung, orang kampung, tak cantik, tak sexy. Salleh wants Jah to go clubbing with him, conform with his lifestyles. Jah refuses to compromise her faith but she keeps on trying to be better and prettier. Siapa kata orang pakai tudung tak boleh cantik, tak pandai bergaya?

Salleh still sleeps around, he brags about this even. He told his friends the teacher is the best dish ever, he couldn't get enough of her. He rarely touches his wife.

One night, during an argument, Salleh insensitively told Jah about his sex with other women. How the women's bodies were fair and soft, with not even a single cellulite. He said he had no time to discuss anything with his wife, he would rather concentrate on his work.

Dayusnya lelaki ni! How could he! How dare! I went ballistic when I heard this part. But my outmost respect is to Jah, she still is very patient.

I think, if Salleh wants to file a divorce, let him. Jah should regard this as a blessing, a God's plan to save her from a useless husband. But Jah thinks differently, maybe this is a test for their marriage, she will make everything she could to save it.

Jah, you hold on, girl.
Salleh, you don't deserve a bit such a noble and sweet wife like Jah. You know, God could take back what He has given you anytime He wants, you just wait. I hope you will change very, very soon before it is too late.



Irregularities said...

I knw a very close person to me. Her husband is having an affair. She confronted him. She changed many of her so called bad attitude. One night -they fought - he said he regretted this marriage of theirs.

To Jah - You dont deserve to be second best - no one does!

phantom said...

Are u sure this Salleh is not a comedian ke?

pengeynk said...

and good onegina boys like me are single. it's partly the wimmin's fault really.

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- guile - said...

why eh, when things like this happen to a marriage, the woman (the wife) would think it's a test to her marriage? but does the man think so? i too was in this situation and the first thing that i told myself is that this is a test to me and my marriage.

when i read pengeynk comment, i thot people always say that 'the good ones are taken' ? hmm.. entahlah.

penggnak said...

the good 'girls' are always taken. it doesn't apply to dick wielders I guezz.

the ectopy said...

irregularities: why must men be so mean? i thought they are born wiser than women, think first before you speak la! ade pulak cakap regret la, bagitau his sex life dengan perempuan lain la! benci laaaa...*emo*

phantom: Salleh ni gile, tak sedar diri, tak kenang budi punye orang

penyangak: be good okay, kalau you good, i'll marry you! hehehehe...

guile: in a way, it's good to have this kind of thinking la...i mean, when J said she will be patient and fight for her marriage, she gained my respect. during those time, all i could think of, it's good la S' true identity finally surfaced after only nine months of marriage, kalau tak mesti much worse. tapi J is very determined, and she knows her place as a wife. so good la in a you...very patient and noble...

Irregularities said...

sometimes, men can be stupid... they thot that sharing is the best way to lessen the guilt feeling. But the one that hurt would be the other party.

But, actually it can be both ways - men and women are the same. Sometimes, being honest is just not the best policy...

- guile - said...

a man who is a husband is supposed to be the one guiding the wife. the most that the wife can do is pray to god and ask the best thing for her, but never defy the husband... lagi banyak masalah akan timbul, unless you are so willing to go through the consequences and you are one vindictive person.

irregularities, you can be honest.. but honest pun kena lah bertempat ... heheheh...

Anonymous said...

When the husband has an affair, women will say he is a bastard. But when the wife has a affair, they will say it was because the husband was a bastard in the first place (even if he didn't have a affair). Seems like women always have an excuse to make themselves out as the victim.

The last time I looked, there were as many women cheating on their partners as men (be fair, check this out objectively). Its just that men get caught more often.

OK... the women out there can start throwing rocks at me now.

Irregularities said...

Keh keh keh - bangkai - siap sedia deh abe!

penyasexistngak said...

yeah you should marry me ectopy, i don't expect much just for you to be a wife (wash iron fuck etc..) wakuhgeahgueakugea.

the ectopy said...

*throws rocks at bangkai*

yeke the last time you checked there were as many women cheated on their husbands?

ade la, but not that many!