Tuesday, December 4, 2007



Mother: Are you still with that guy from that state?
Me: Yes.
Mother: What is his actual occupation?
Me: He is ***
Mother: Apa kelulusan yang dia ada?
Me: Degree in Business Admin.
Mother: (I'm not impressed intonation) Why don't you concentrate on your work first before thinking about anything else?
Me: (Silence)
Mother: I'm not saying that you aren't working hard enough, this is just an advice.
Me: Iya lah...

Nur is my niece.

Me: Next year, Nur masih sekolah agama?
Nur: Yes.
Me: Pagi ke petang?
Nur: Apa?
Me: Sekolah kebangsaan, pagi ke petang?
Nur: Mana ada sekolah kebangsaan petang!
Me: OK...So, sekolah agama dekat mana? Dekat masjid atau sekolah agama biasa?
Nur: Sekolah agama biasa! Ada air-cond!

Haha, children...Air-cond is the determining factor where would they be schooling at.


coops said...

yeah, kids nowadays..demanding they are *wink*

Lourana said...

Great work.