Monday, December 10, 2007

My hair is not straight, so?

For the past few years, I have been getting my haircut only once a year.
I am lazy.
I want to keep my hair long, sometimes.

Ever since hair straightening become the 'in' thing several years ago, 'the' question never fails to be directed to me.

"Tak mau luruskan rambut?"

Are you saying my natural wavy/ curly hair is ugly? Did you know it costs so much money to maintain straight hair? I know my hair is already beautiful, you are just saying that because you want more money from me, kan? Do I look like someone who would rather spend money on my hair than food? I am food-lover!

After that, the hairdresser usually asks me this:

"Why not??? Lagi cantik tau kalau rambut lurus."
"Susah nak maintain la..."

"You buat lah permanent...Boleh tahan 4-6 bulan."
"I sebenarnya tak tinggal dekat Malaysia. I tinggal dekat London. Balik Malaysia setahun sekali, kadang-kadang 2 tahun sekali. Mahal tau kalau nak pergi saloon dekat London," this is not exactly a lie, a-quarter-true je...

Now, this reply usually diverts the conversation to how is my so-called life in London, away from getting my hair straightened issue. Staying overseas is always more interesting to talk about than your hair, like, duh!!!

Straightening your hair could damage it if you do it excessively. Even blowing your hair dry every morning is not good for your hair if you don't do it properly.

Do I look like someone who wakes up early in the morning just to get ready for two hours before an hour journey to work?
Do you know how it is, to have your hair straightened, then after a few months, the newly grown hair from the top of your head is curly and wavy half-way...It's ugly!
Don't I look clumsy and lazy enough to follow the tedious proper manual of maintaining my hair religiously?

I hide my bad hair day by wearing a hat or tying my hair up or put some hair accesories on my crown as a distraction.
Cheap, easy and effective!

And sometimes, I really love how my hair is naturally messy. I look more care-free and youthful. Call me weird, but I love it when I just wake up from my sleep, my hair is all over the place, then my boyfriend comes to see me and tells me that I look beautiful, regardless. And he means what he says, I know. He has seen me at my worst and still thinks I'm attractive.

Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against straightened hair, it is just not for me.

To tell you the truth, I am adventurous when it comes to hair. I am never afraid to try a new hair-do.

"Kalau tanak luruskan rambut...Colour rambut takmau?"

Sorry, I just don't deal with straightening or colouring my hair. Lain-lain hair-do, boleh, no problem!

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