Tuesday, December 18, 2007



There's a growth somewhere on my body.
I've noticed it for years, but never consulted a doctor.

My father is worried. He told me he loves me very much, he prays to God to take his life instead of mine.

Father, I am not going to die from it!


I am a bad cook, but at least I am better than my sister. I've been privilaged to learn how to cook because I was away from home. Somehow, when you were a student with limited pocket money to spend, you did all the necessaries to keep you alive and going ie: Belajar memasak.

Mother said: Perempuan kalau tak tahu memasak tu cacat.
I said: Suruh orang gajilah masak...
Mother said: Nanti jadi macam family Auntie R, setiap hari makan dekat luar.
I said: Haaa...Elok je family Auntie R makan dekat luar, tak cacat pon....
Mother said: Tapi duit habislah!

It's bad enough that I am bad cook, worse is I have no interest in cooking.
No interest = No motivation = No improvement = Bad cook

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