Sunday, June 10, 2012

My husband's bestfriend's dad passed away a few days ago. He's so old, almost 90 years old, so everybody was kinda expecting it.

I called Mother while my husband was away helping the mourning family. Mother said, "At least dia panjang umur..." and she mentioned how Father left us so soon.

I was working one day, attending to a clien's need. I asked my client whether he had come alone. He said, his daughter also works in the same building. So, even though his daughter was not at present, he actually fetches his daughter to and fro every single day. Then he smiled proudly.

I remember the days when Father used to send me to college. On weekends, he would swing by my college and picked me up so I can spend my weekends at home. It wasn't a hassle for him because he would fetch me on his way back from work.

I had what that Pakcik is having with his daughter and I miss it.

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The Tea Drinker said...

wont know what is really going inside our parents until we're parents ourselves.