Wednesday, June 13, 2012

My life is so up and down and up and down.

Ended the day at work feeling so overwhelmed with work! I have three projects to do. One is supposed to be ongoing since 3 months ago, but we have no leader. Hence, proscatination and everything must be done within 2 weeks because the presentation is due by then. Of course, like the other two projects, I am the scapegoat. Not important enough to be ordering people around, not insignificant enough to hide and tell people that I am incompetent for a research project. I hate being in the middle!

I brought the frustration with me. I was walking away from the lobby when I bumped into a nice Dato'.

This Dato' earns my respect from the first time we encountered each other.

I was dealing with a difficult client. Turns out, the client was a distant relative of him. Me, being new in this place, at that time, had no idea who he was. My staffs filled me in with the basic details but if you know me personally, you'd know I don't like giving special treatments just because you are 'somebody'.

Feeling a bit uncomfortable, I felt that I needed to get out from there. At the same time, since Dato' and I are in the same line of work (although in different departments), I felt compelled to explain a little bit more than adequate about the situation.

That day, I worked long hours. Dato', on the other hand, despite being just 'bau-bau bacang' with my client, stayed with her, probably for moral support. And, that's why he saw my hard work. (And I continued to ignore him)

Now, I have lost the client. But every now and then, I do see Dato' around. Sometimes, he gives talks which we have to attend. From the way he handles himself, I conclude he is funny, easy going and humble.

Didn't give too much thought about it until a few days ago, he made eye contact and nodded when he saw me, which translates as, I remember you. I smiled.

As I was telling earlier, I was feeling frustrated. Again, today, I encountered this Dato'. This time, he greeted, "Assalamualaikum."

Me: Waalaikumussalam.
Dato': Nama you siapa eh?
Me: Ectopy. (I showed him my nametag because people mispronounce my name all the time)

Then, he asked me about the specific of my job and where I am currently at. Then, he took interest about my plan in the future in terms of career evolvement.

I told him.

Dato': How long have you been in service?

I gave him my honest answer.

He was quite surprised. He said I should forego with my plans and he thinks I am super qualified.

Dato': I like the way you work. You are very good. Keep it up.
Me: Really? Thank you.

Dato's was generous with compliments. He's so nice and genuine. For that, he has my utmost respect.

From the bottom of the wheel, I was temporarily up.

I arrived home proudly.

Even though I was not very good with my exam marks, once I got into the professional world, I know I have what it takes. And I know which area I want to narrow it down to. In terms of practical, I am so damn good in what I do. From here, all I can see is infinite stairs to go to the top. I hate climbing, it's tiring and so consuming. I am ready, but I am not sure whether I can do it.

Now, I am online.

I browsed thorugh my good friend's FB page and apparently, he is having a blast. He did ask me to join him for the trip. But, I am now married and priorities have to be changed, whether I like it or not. There's a bit of jealousy and regret for turning down the invite. I would have experienced an adventure.

Down again.

I am so labile, the doctor would probably tell I have bipolar.

Tonight, I refuse to cook. I want my husband to bring me out for dinner. We are so going over this matter! Husband, I need you.

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