Saturday, June 30, 2012

I am away, attending an international course/ meeting/ conference, whatever you want to call it.

My husband couldn't tag along. So, I am all lonely and awkward. I don't know anybody except three of my bosses, who bring their families, so it's so wrong if I wanted to plaster myself to them.

You see, I am no where yet at that stage in my career where people shall be greeting me.

It is kinda depressing seeing all these prominent, important people all over the world, giving talks. Before each speaker began their speech, a brief introduction was given, which, well, not so brief lah because their CVs are really extensive and impressive, I don't think I'll ever match them, just shoot me lah! And they are just a few shy years older than me. Life is not fair.

People often think I look younger than my age. I've been getting that a lot lately. I am grateful, sometimes I even enjoy the privilege of it. (Once, I got student discounts when I bought Tutti Frutti. Did I tell you about that? Haha) But, today, since everyone was so corporate, I got the feeling that people are looking down at me. Like, ohh, you must be a junior, not significant, I don't want to be wasting my time talking to you and you shall not be receiving this free thumbdrive/ pen/ ice cream/ goodie bag!

As an act of revenge, I am taking mental notes not to buy anything from the companies in the future. Berlagak dengan I ye, you belum kenal I siapa, satu hari you'll be pestering me to buy your products, jangan harap!

Only a few reps who know me acknowledge my presence and made me feel welcomed. Tu lah, muka macam orang tak matang, orang pun tak respect. The funny thing is, I don't know why I am even bothered by this. Dulu-dulu I always enjoy surprising people, being the underdog, I love it when people underestimate me. Hari ni macam tak best pulak.

Did you know, one of the speakers just now is very cute! Haha. Instead of listening to his talk, I flipped through the Programme Book to find out more about him. I would've even Googled/ FB stalked him if I had free access to the Internet. Anyway, this reminds me of the time when I was working at my old place. Even though I was getting married/ already married, I still have huge crushes on many of my bosses, because they were so cute, super nice, soft-spoken and they were not Malay. Haha. It sure feels and sounds so wrong if I had crushes on my Malay bosses!

Don't worry, I am not cheating on my husband because he knows all about my innocent crushes. I used to show my husband their photos and told him all the nice things they did to me for the day. My husband layan je...Sekarang tidak lagi, sebab tempat kerja baru tak ada boss comel!

Anyway, found out that the cute speaker has a 20-year-old son! OMG! He looks 30+, early 40s at worst. My boss, who personally knows him and worked with him before, told me he is a very cool person. Dahlah rambut panjang macam K-Pop tu. Memang awet muda. "Eleh, plastic surgery tu..." my boss said. Tabur fitnah hasad dengki betul boss I ni. Mentang-mentang dia tak cute...

Right now, I just finished dinner. Was hoping to win a lucky draw, but I wasn't very lucky. Watching Coldplay on Fox Movies Premium.

My husband and I love Coldplay. I love their songs. My husband loves the frontman. "Music orang yang study dekat Oxford ni lain sikit," he said. Konon-konon nak layan music orang pandai lah tu. Tapi tak layan pulak Mozart ke, Beethoven ke, Kitaro ke...Poyo.

Tonight, my friends and I are making big purchases. We are going for a vacation, if you consider trekking a vacation...Just the 3 of us. And I hope it will be worth it. MAS/ AirAsia don't even fly there, weih, why lah nak jadi over adventurous sangat ni, ingat zaman study dulu-dulu ke...I dah imagine naik Airlines yang hampeh bunyi krok krek krok krek...

"This is the time, Ectopy, before you have kids. After that, we'll be having beach vacations all the time..." How could I fall for this! I am so easy!

No turning back now.

Husband I? Of course dia tak follow. His ideal vacation is the one that involves shopping. Yeah, our relationship memang Yin and Yang...

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