Saturday, June 16, 2012

My husband is sleeping next to me. He received a shot on the bum just now, because he couldn't stand his runny nose.

He has severe sinus and is allergic to many things (I pray to God he won't pass the bad genes to our children!). Last night, we were at a dinner function. Food was served late, around 9.30pm. You know guys when they are hungry...They get cranky.

So, I took a bowl of mee curry and gave it to him (while he got our drinks). He, of course, gobbled the dish down, halfway only to realize it contained seafood.

(The mee curry was good, on a sidenote)

This morning, as expected, we woke feeling itchy on the face. He took two tablets of Panadols and Claritynes. It didn't work. He continued to sneeze despite taking a nap (effect from the medicines, usually a nap would relieve the symptoms). At 7pm, he went to his regular clinic to receive the magic drug.

The clinic, is quite a distance from our house. I asked him whether he knows the name of the injection. In case of emergency, example, if we are in another state, we could always ask for it.

Husband: Setiap kali I pergi jumpa dia, I tanya nama ubat tu. Tapi doktor tu taknak bagitau. Tu macam secret ubat clinic dia.

OMG! What if it was something illegal...!!! That's unethical, isn't it? How can you refuse information when your patient ask for it? Bodoh, macam mana lah negara nak maju. Gila apa main secret-secret pulak. Patutlah Melayu/ Islam asyik mundur je, kedekut ilmu!


This year, I've been so bad!

I forgot my husband's birthday (did I write about that?). I also forgot two of my closest friends' birthdays. I forgot Mother's birthday! I would've even forgot my own boirthday if my husband wasn't so excited the night before!

And I, being so bad, didn't realize about it for dayssss after! (Slaps forehead)

Mother sent a text, asking how I was doing while explaining that she was playing with her new toy, a smartphone. It was a gift from my brother.

"Telefon touchscreen, macam-maca ada. Tapi nak buat apa, tak mustahak pun, bukannya guna pun. Tapi ada satu yang mak suka. Boleh dengar azan tepat pada waktunya. Haha, yang ini memang suka."

My husband and I laughed reading the text from Mother cause she sounded young and hip, siap guna 'Haha' lagi.

She just turned 65!

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Ummu Hassan said...

Hi ectopy. If I may suggest, instead of taking clarityne and pcm, try switch to vit c. Nothing so hype abt vit c, we hear it all the time but it is also contain anti histamine properties just like clarityne plus it is abundantly available in fruits especially and tablets of course. Make it a habit like 1000-2000mg per day. That is to desensitized histamine markers which cause allergic rxn. InshaAllah it will work wonders. Btw, i always believe in natural healers. Ive been here sometimes, good to know that youre happily mrried now. May Allah bless you. :-)