Wednesday, June 13, 2012

I have a huge crush on Mike Ross, the young genius from Suits.

To me, he's the kind of guy I would fall far, always!

Intelligent, a bit on the skinny side, witty, riding a bicycle to work...

The good thing is, my husband is a bit on the skinny side and although not super intelligent, but he is still quite smart. Haha. Sorry, sayang!

The thing I don't like about the drama is, the friendship betrayal. And this is a recurring theme in every single TV series that I love/ used to love, it's so annoying!

I have many examples to prove my point:

One Tree Hill
The O.C
Gossip Girls
Grey's Anatomy

See...They are all ended up making out with each other's boyfriend/ girlfriend.


I ni pulak, jenis yang allergic dalam hal-hal sebegini.

It is against my principle. I would never do such thing is my life. And I would never forgive my bestfriends who do such thing to me.

Wah, you think this is like a piece clothing that you can swap around, is it?

Terus turn off nak tengok benda-benda ni.

And my crush is no longer perfect in my eyes...They don't exist! Even on TVs...Thanx for crushing my hope, thanx a lot, you idiot box.

In the end, I am loyal to TV shows like

The Amazing Race
Talkshows like Dr. Oz and Oprah

At least I tak lag meroyan sangat when I watch them.


Why is it, whenever I blog, I would think about babies? Pfft, it's not like I think about babies in actual life.

You guys must be thinking I am crazy, having a sickly obsession.

My friend showed me a photo of his newborn, all I could say was,

"Gemoknye! Muka ikut mak ke, ikut ayah ni?"

Now, I regret for not going mainstream. Should've just said how cute the baby is.

I figured, he must already have the same compliments over and over again and I was just trying to be genuine.

But, instead of achieveing 'genuine', I appeared more forced and fake. Urgh!

It's not that I am not happy for him.

A teeny weeny jealous at his wife, maybe. Because, she's my age, she just had a baby and at the same time, she's advancing in terms of career and education in a foreign country which is so exciting and glamorous just like what I have always had in my mind, at this point in life.

In reality, I am always here, what we call, masih di takuk lama. I am scared. And depressed.

Change is good. I need to change.


On a happier note, the burden on my shoulders are slightly relieved when two new guys came to join our department, even though it's just temporary.

My colleague introduced to us,

"And this is Ectopy. She might look like a kid but she's married."

I thought it's pretty funny. A compliment, I guess?

Thank you, Mother, for passing on the youth gene to me.


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