Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Have you lost a friend on purpose?

I had un-friended one friend. Sebab dia hypocrite.

And I have two people who un-friended me. The reason is pretty stupid.

Macam ni ceritanya...

So, we were all friends and happy, me, Tiqah, Polly and Bruce. Bruce is quite good-looking, he's smart and nice (was nice). Bruce was Tiqah's friend first, before Tiqah knew Polly, and then Polly introduced me to the rest.

We were so close for many years, travelled to a lot of places together, hung out at each other's house, talked about pretty much everything in the world...

Tiqah, who is older than the rest of us, had a huge crush on Bruce since forever. She never admitted it openly to me, but it was so obvious! Polly also had feelings for him.

(And that's why I strongly believe friends should just stay friends!)

One time, Tiqah even confessed to Bruce, but Bruce turned her down. We stayed friends, however. Sometimes, Polly and Tiqah would have conversations something like this,

Tiqah: Why don't you go out with Bruce.
Polly: Why? Bruce and I are only friends.
Tiqah: Don't tell me you never had feelings for him.
Polly: I used to. Not anymore. Why don't you, Tiqah, why don't you go out with him instead?
Tiqah: I tried. But he said I am not for him.
Polly: So...Wouldn't you mind if me and him end up together?
Tiqah: If it's meant to be, it's meant to be.

Dah nampak kan danger signs di situ...But it went on for years...

Towards the last year of our friendship, Bruce started to become more and more annoying to me. He told Polly and Tiqah that I was bossy and rude! The nerve that he had! How could a friend talked behind your back like that! So, we stopped talking to each other. My other friends who got my back also stopped talking to him because we think he was being ridiculous. (Yeay, my other friends!)

It was kinda abrupt for us to end things. Well, if he thinks he can hate me, I am so hating him back! (In the end, my friends and I saw his true colours. Basically, we found out, most of his earlier friends had walked out from his life. It proves that it's not me, it's him!)

So, that's how one people un-friended me.

Bruce continued to be friends with Polly and Tiqah. I don't mind. For me, we should handle it like adults. I have nothing against my friends being friends with people I don't like. What happened between Bruce and I had nothing to do with Polly and Tiqah. It's a personal choice. Besides, I am already happy that my other friends are sticking with me. Bruce pulak cuma ada 2 kawan je, so kasik can lah...Hehe.

2 years went by, Bruce suddenly said he liked Polly and wanted to boyfriend girlfriend. Polly accepted. Besides, Tiqah did say, if it's meant to be, it's meant to be.

But you see, Tiqah just said that to make her feel better. She didn't realize it could really happen!

When they decided to tell Tiqah about it, Tiqah was so mad, like, really really mad, I've never seen someone that mad over a guy! Tiqah was like, "Yes, I love Bruce! There, I said it. I am in love with Bruce! Why did you do this to me!"

Tiqah confronted Bruce and Polly, and me. I tried to reason with her. I mean, we were all friends at that time, girls should stick together and support each other. I told Tiqah that we should be happy for Polly, the best example, me. I was happy for Polly even though I did not 100% percent approve it. (I no longer get along with Bruce, remember?)

I am not going to tell you the lengths Tiqah had gone to win him back, but she was crazy. We never thought she had it in her...

Finally, Tiqah said, Polly and her can never be friends again. Somehow, I also got dragged into this whole mess. (How can I avoid?! I was expected to be the middleman) Although Tiqah said all is well between me and her, but Tiqah deleted me from her FB account. (I still think I am innocent!)

Somehow, Tiqah never blamed Bruce for this, she only thought how slutty Polly was. Love is blind, I guess?

My husband and I, on the other hand, think it was all Bruce's fault!

So, that's the end of our friendships. I am not friends with Bruce or Tiqah. Polly and Bruce did not work out. All the catfights were worthless.

I still hate Bruce, I think it's all because of him. I am sad with Tiqah's decision to un-friend me. Polly feels the worst, I think. She is kinda haunted, always think she is guilty for ruining things between us.

I don't know why I suddenly wrote this. I wonder what Tiqah has been up to...

I've never thought I would lose a dear friend over a guy. And I am not even fighting her for the guy! What a regret.


Anonymous said...

so best friend..or is it ex best friend got engaged over the weekend and i found out about it tru mistake was when i confront that guy( upon my bestfriend request)about how he treated her.i just want the best for her. i did say to that guy my friend love him so much so please treat her well and i hope they will be together but unfortunately the guy and my friend only see from the negative side.

we remain friend but...she changed. i'm hurt. and i just cant believe all of this happened over a guy. i regret masuk campur. i miss her. if she only knew how much i misses her.

the ectopy said...

well, if you get engaged, dont forget to invite her. i think it's cruel that she didn't invite you, didn't even tell you about her engagement.

Anonymous said...

Ectopy, ielaki lebih pandai value your friendship compared to perempuan. If u baik mcm mana dgn one girl pun,, pantang ada chance, she can bitch about u from your back.
Agree with me?