Tuesday, July 2, 2013

baby stuff

My husband is sleeping next to me. He arrived from KL at 6.30pm. He lied that he'd be arriving later. I was sweeping the floor when I heard him creeping up at the door. When he entered, I casually said Hi and ruined his surprise.

I told him about my appointment with the Obstetric doctor this morning. I went alone and found out that I lost 500g within 2 weeks. I was surprised, didn't know what I did wrong. I eat as usual, and for the matter of fact, I'm having less workloads compared to the previous months. My haemoglobin reading is also dropping.

So, for dinner, my husband brought me to a restaurant and shoved a lot of food into my mouth. At my current condition, it is more advisable to eat small portions but more frequent. But, since my husband sangat bersemangat nak suruh I makan ini dan itu, I pun senyap dan senyum je lah. At least he is making an effort to fatten me up for baby's sake!

The energy source is a mystery. I slept at 3am last night. Didn't eat properly (sebab husband outstation.). Lepas tu puasa lagi. Went to work. Balik kerja menyapu rumah. Now, still not sleepy yet...

I've been admiring my baby's playpen which strategically is situated next to our bed. Sekarang kan cepat mengah. So lepas ambil wudhu, kena duduk kejap atas katil. Sambil sambil tu berangan that my baby will be sleeping in the playpen soon. Bestnyeeeeee!!! Dah siap dengan bantal and comforter set dia.

I am most proud with the playpen because it only cost RM145, OMG, nothing can beat that price, siap dengan mosquito net lagi. In fact, I almost refused to buy a separate bed for our son sebab tak mahu membazir. Rezeki sungguhlah jumpa yang murah, kalau tak baby kena penyek tidur tengah tengah katil...But the 3-piece bedding set for him is more expensive than the standard price la. This is because I chose the quality that comes with the price, lagipun kalau tak sale, it would be much more expensive. Last-last, cheap playpen plus expensive bedding set (walaupun harga sale) plus Fisher Price Rocker (RM190- dekat Jusco/ Parkson sampai RM300+ , apa ke jadah!): Total lebih kurang dengan standard je...

More or less the same reason why I don't think I will buy a nursing pillow. Sebab, my baby carrier sudah mahal, and it promises that I can breastfeed my baby with it. So, hopefully, baby will like to be carried in it and I will make sure to make full use out of it.

I plan to deliver in Klang Valley, anywhere near to Mother's house. Logically, tak perlulah I susun the perabot siap siap because we'll end up bringing whatever portable things we can to Mother's house. Tapi, excited punya pasal...Hahaha...Siap cuci the baju and pillow cases with baby safe detergent lagi.

Sterilizing je tak buat lagi because I want to fully breastfeed my baby. Lagipun, I haven't bought a sterilizer. After research, I think I will only buy the reusable sterilizer bag. Sterilize things properly until 3 months of age. Lepas tu, hantar pegi nursery. Orang nursery buat ke kerja kerja sterilizing ni? I don't know, but my colleague said they don't. Ala, pakai boiled water sudah, invest in a thermos lah...(Planning to use up the credit card points so I can get the thermos for free instead).

Since I don't have many girl friends (well, I only have two, each in different states) and I have more guy friends, I don't think anybody will throw me a baby shower. Not that I expect one. I really don't mind, really really. One of my guy friends have volunteered to be my personal shopper, to go through the hassle of the Baby Fair which will be held in MidValley this coming mid-July. To tell you the truth, I appreciate that more...Haha...

You know lah, I don't like this place because it's so far from the places I am familiar with. Lagi-lagi tengah pregnant ni, bukan senang senang I can hop onto the plane or senang-senang drive long distance. I feel that I am missing so much...

So, to have someone who is willing to shop for me, that's pretty cool! Tapi tak tau lah how it will turn out to be, sudahlah bachelor kan, reti ke...? Agak-agak culture shock nanti tengok the crazy parents at the expo.

Lets hope I will have other things to share rather than babies after this. Bye!


Anonymous said...

ectopy! Dah lama tak jenguk..alhamdulillah you sihat :)
Agaknya boleh ke tengok gambar baby ectopy nanti?

the ectopy said...

boleh boleh ...nanti dia dah keluar I tunjuk ok