Friday, July 5, 2013


It's the Maybank Treatsfair. As usual, I am not able to participate in the event. Points I banyak gila kot...

Anyway, I cancelled a credit card that I have not used in a while. At first, I was quite scared, I expected to be bombarded with a lot of questions and probably be persuaded not to cancel. I was pleasantly surprised, however, that the process was actually so simple and quick, and yeay, now I have one credit card less!

This is different from the time when an insurance company called to promote a policy. I kan jenis kesian, so when the caller asked whether I have time to hear to what they have to tell me, I would honestly answer "Yes" or "No." One time (many times actually), I said "Yes", so the person on the line went on and on and I showed an obvious no-interest by staying really quiet, the caller had to reassure my existence, "Puan faham?" and I would say, "Hhhmm..." (wasn't really listening because I already know my answer, I just don't have the heart to say No from the very beginning, kasik can ahh...)

Finally, I said No, but this guy was persistent. He sounded very young, so the way he tried to convince me was very immature, "Puan, Puan tak tahu masa akan datang suami Puan macam mana. Ye lah, lelaki ni kan, bukan boleh percaya. Nanti dia nak kahwin lebih, dia suka cari lain. Kalau apa-apa jadi, macam mana dengan Puan dan anak-anak? Puan tahu kan cerita Ida Nerina? Dia kan lumpuh, lepas tu suami dia tinggalkan dia pula. Ida Nerina tu tak ada insurans."

Jadi gossip artist lah pulak...

"Kenapa Puan taknak? Saya akan terangkan sekali lagi bla bla bla, jadi boleh saya dapat nombor kad kredit Puan?"

Me: Saya tak berminat.
Insurance agent: Kenapa Puan? Bukan mahal sangat pun.
Me: Saya tak berminat.
Insurance agent: Bukan rugi pun kalau Puan ambil policy ni.
Me: Saya tak berminat.

Banyak kali I kena jawab, "Saya tak berminat."

Tu yang I jadi trauma if I need to settle things regarding banks, credit cards, anything, via phone...

I don't understand why I've been offered so many credit cards. They don't exactly earn anything from it because I always pay on time, so, no interest whatsoever is ever charged. In the end, I only use one because I passed the others to my family members for emergency use.

Actually, today I want to talk about  how I like it that my husband and I are partners, that we can really sit down and discuss about things and decide as a team.

My husband has been wanting to get a new car. He already set his eyes on one luxury car. But one day, he came across another luxury car of a different brand which is relatively cheap (RM30k less from the original price).

He called me at work, shared his interest, and after work, he brought me to see the car.

I am a woman, I don't care much about cars. But what attracted me was, when the salesman saw my belly, and at the same time, there was a car seat on display priced at RM4000, he said he could throw the car seat as a free gift if we decided to purchase the car.

Pandai dia nak menarik hati perempuan mengandung ni. Konon-konon macam it's meant to be lah. Car seat apa lah sampai RM4000 kan...!!!

Then, we went home and my husband talked about the car every single night. So, I pun macam paham-paham sendiri lah that my husband is serious about it, tunggu I punya greenlight je because it was supposed to be registered under my name.

I pun tak sampai hati tengok my husband kempunan hari-hari cakap pasal kereta. I really don't mind he's getting it as long as he could afford it. So, one fine day, I told him, if you really want the car, tell me the necessary documents I need to give.

Bila dah settle dah semua documents, he asked me, "Okay ke, Sayang? Betul ke ni?"

I kan tak suka orang-orang yang fickle minded ni, so I pun hampir melenting lah

Me: I ingatkan you dah fikir habis-habis! Ini pun nak suruh I fikir ke?
Husband: Memang murah kan...
Me: Abang, kalau tak confident, tak payah beli.
Husband: Ala, kalau tak suka, boleh jual balik.
Me: Memang lah boleh jual balik, tapi rugilah.

Me: Abang nak beli sebab apa?
Husband: Saje je...
Me: Kalau saja je, tak payah beli. Jawapan tak convincing langsung. Apa-apa yang kita buat, kena ada faedah. So, do you think this car is beneficial for your work? Do you really need the car? Why do you this car? Is it suitable for us?

And so we discussed.
I think my husband just needed his wife to lay things out for him. Even though dalam hati memang nak, but he knows his level-headed wife can make things clearer for him. Mungkin sebab tu hari-hari dia cakap pasal kereta sambil tunggu respond I macam mana. (Mula-mula I tak respond because I tak nak masuk campur hal duit dia...Now I know that he actually wants his wife to be involved.)

Finally, we admitted to each other,
Husband: Actually, Abang lagi suka kereta lagi satu tu...Cuma kereta tengah ada promotion je...
Me: Actually, I suka car seat free tu je...


So, sorry Mr. Salesman, there might be no commission for you before Hari Raya from us. Belum rezeki lah...But you are a good salesman, I wish you all the best.

I went to bed thinking whether we have made the right decision.

This morning, I heard about Egypt and their rejected Al-Tahfiz leader. I don't really know the facts on their internal affairs, but I know that a Tahfiz and a professional leader must be a great one. I mean, where can you find such leaders now, it's soooo rare like a diamond! Tapi senang-senang je kena guling kan...

I pun macam tersedar, orang lain sibuk pasal isu-isu kenegaraan, I ni sibuk nak beli kereta. So petty...Perhaps, the money is better used for other causes. There's nothing wrong with our current car, nafsu dan duniawi je semua ni...

I really feel like an adult now, discussing over serious matters...Haha!

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