Wednesday, July 17, 2013

While a person like me should be worried and be mentally prepared for a delivery, my mind is actually somewhere else. Everyday, I pray for my baby to hang on just a little bit more. Mommy needs more time to settle some pretty important stuff!

Hurrah to my baby and I, for reaching 37 weeks today!

Went for a check-up the other day, and the sonographer was asking me, "Eh, dah tahu kan baby boy ke girl?"

I told her, yes, we knew.

Then, she confirmed again that he's gonna be a boy!

So, I told my husband,

Me: Abang, tadi orang tu confirm balik memang baby kita boy...
Husband: Laaa...Apa yang tak confirm nye? Hari tu kan dah nampak konek dia besar gila!

Well, yeah, at first, I did not want to know the baby's gender but it became increasingly difficult to choose cute outfits for the baby. Should we buy pink or more masculine colour? In the end, we succumbed and prayed that the baby can show us some sign.

Then, I happily went shopping for the baby, haha!

Anyway, the day we found out the baby's gender, the sonographer showed us the prove, the large two balls and the sausage. Actually, I don't think they are large, I just think the sonographer simply magnify the image so we could it clearly. But my husband was like, "Whoaa! Besarnya!" in his proud Daddy voice. -__-

So, to continue the conversation,

Me: Abang ni! Konek budak boleh pulak nampak! Masa awal-awal tu, you tak boleh nak visualize pun kepala dia mana, kaki dia mana, jantung dia mana....
Husband: Haha! Dah memang besar...!!! Memang confirm boy!!!

Seriously, dalam banyak banyak anggota badan, yang tu je lah dia boleh kenal.
Why lah men get excited when they know they have passed the big gun genes...


My boss passed comments to me,

Boss: Ectopy! I tengok you ni, dah sarat dah ni! Anytime boleh go into labour.
Me: Janganlah, boss! Banyak benda tak settle lagi ni! I nak deliver in the Klang Valley!
Boss: Bila balik?
Me: Next week...
Boss: Aku rasa tak sempatlah.....

Noooo! Please don't pray stuff like that to me!

I'm scared myself. Been walking here and there, like how they recommend ways to induce your pregnancy. Not good...

I have mixed feelings: excited to see my baby's face and hold him in my arms, scared that the pain might be too unbearable, sad that I'm at the end of the pregnancy that I am gonna miss his kicks and turns in the tummy, worried about the things I need to settle before giving birth....

Hoping for the best!


One of things I need to settle is paying for Zakat.

So, here's a gentle reminder to anybody who's reading my blog:

Don't forget
- Zakat fitrah
- Zakat pendapatan
- Zakat simpanan
- Zakat emas
(Some say zakat saham (for ASB/ ASN) is differerent from zakat simpanan, but that need further clarification. I pun tak pandai...)

Yang lain tu I tak ada....

Oh, and bayar fidyah kalau ada....

Selain tu, to set aside an amount for duit raya....

Anddd...I ordered biskut raya from my staff, so I need to pester them to give to me ASAP!

Anddd....To fulfil barang kiriman orang, "Ectopy! Heard you're coming home, can you get me bla bla bla..."

Even though the matters seem small, I still can't be calm thinking about it! Lepas dah siap semua, baru boleh rasa lega dan bersalin dengan tenang....


You know how it's a trend to keep your cord blood?

Well, I know some famous bloggers have been paid to advertise for it. I don't plan to, but as I was packing stuff to bring back to Mother's house, I came across a pamphlet on DONATING YOUR CORD BLOOD.

Yes, donating your cord blood for other people to use it, other people who are confirmed that they need it, provided they are a match to your stem cells. It's free because it's under the government's programme and because well, you don't store it for your own use.

Have you heard about it?

I've lost the pamphlet, but the service is available in 4 selected government hospitals, Hospital Kuala Lumpur, Hospital Serdang, Hospital Alor Star, and another hospital I can't remember, please blame my pregnancy brain....

I actually e-mailed the National Blood Bank to get further information regarding this matter as I am very much interested about it. To me, I prefer to donate my cord blood for the needy people to use rather than store the cord blood for something I don't even know would occur in the future (and treat it as an insurance).

Unfortunately, until today, I have receive no reply whatsoever from the Blood Bank, soooo.....I am disappointed in you, National Blood Bank! I'm sure if I were to complaint about not receiving any reply, I wouldn't receive a reply either because well, well, well, looks like nobody's checking the e-mail even though the website says: E-mel untuk pertanyaan lanjut.

Soooo....I guess, won't be donating my cord blood for the moment, tanam masuk tanah je lah....


cacah said...

hopefully sempat balik to Klang Valley, and all the best. :)

Dils said...

I didnt know about the donating of blood cord tu. Nanti nak tanye for my next pregnancy la.

Too bad PDN tak reply lagi, but my sister used to work there and I know how busy they are especially bulan puasa when they have to work harder to get blood donation. Last I know, it is the doctors themselves yang mereply email2 ni. Tak tahu la sekarang.

p.u.c.c.a said...

Apa2pun, semoga u n baby sihat...

p/s: Tiap2 hari my friend and I dok check your blog nak tau u dah bersalin ke belum.... :-)

Uncle Lee said...

Wishing you and hubby all the very best in the coming arrival of baby.
Best regards, and keep a song in your heart.

Anonymous said...

Wish you all the best ectopy..semoga proses kelahiran baby ectopy mudah dan cepat..sakit confirm sakit..unless you opt for caesarean @ epidural..tapi natural delivery is much much more challenging and will give you total satisfaction! :)

mek pasir mas
*tak sabar nak tengok gambar baby ectopy! :)

Ida said...

i emailed them way back in 2011 & this was their reply. hope it helps. good luck.
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1. Ibu mesti bersalin di Hospital Bersalin, Hospital Kuala Lumpur. Pihak Pusat Darah Negara (PDN) tidak dapat mengambil darah tali pusat dari ibu-ibu yang akan bersalin di mana-mana hospital selain dari Hospital Bersalin Kuala Lumpur. Proses pengambilan darah tali pusat perlu dilakukan dengan cepat di mana sebaik sahaja uri telah dikeluarkan dari rahim ibu, uri akan dihantar ke Makmal Pengumpulan Darah Tali Pusat yang berdekatan dengan Bilik Bersalin dan proses pengumpulan darah perlu dijalankan serta-merta untuk mengelakkan darah dari membeku secara semulajadi.

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ectopy said...

wow , thank u.
tapi dalam pamphlet cakap dah ade 4 hospital sekarang , dunno whether that has expanded to more hospitals.
also , dia cakap ada interview to make sure our cord blood is safe .I wanted to know how early should we have the interview .I dah 37weeks ,sempat lagi ke ....
but i guess , I will enquire via phone or face to face later lah kot ....

thank you again !