Saturday, July 13, 2013

I feel the day is wasted because I am half-paralysed, thanx to the haemorrhoids. Arrghh! It came back, not as bad as before, but I did cry this morning because pedih semacam!

My husband went to the pharmacy and bought some gel medicine, which helps a little bit (a teeny weeny bit je....)

So, basically, I am on my bed, barely able to move.

Me: Abang! Macam mana I nak sembahyang ni! Sakitttt!
Husband: Sembahyang duduk lah...(Half-ignoring me because he's watching TV)

Suka hati dia je suruh I sembahyang duduk kan....

I think I know why I got the haemorrhoids this time aound.

It all began yesterday, when I decided to sweep and mop the floor. Well, only half-done because I was interrupted by the sight of a lizard, then I ran away from the room and didn't dare to enter until husband came home. Then, we decided to go to Tesco to buy some groceries.

After that, ingatkan nak terus pergi Bazaar Ramadhan. Tapi belum apa-apa lagi, husband sudah cakap, "Yang, hari ni nak masak apa?"

Fine, kena fahamlah maksud dia tu....

Ingatkan, bila dah dekat sangat nak full term pregnancy, dapatlah di excused from doing work, especially in the fasting month. Sangkaan ku meleset.....

So, after shopping at Tesco, we came home and I started to wash the chicken. Tahu tak membasuh ayam tu lama dan memenatkan?

Then, performed my Asar, and started to cook. Siap masak lebih lagi sebab malas nak masak untuk sahur.

Yes, my husband expects me to cook for sahur too! Sahur means rice, not breads or anything lighter, mind you....

Duduk makan 20 minit, lepas tu membasuh pinggan dan mengemas dapur pulak.

I used to leave the dishes to my husband, but my husband always delay the chores. He said, "Abang kenyang sangat! Tak boleh gerak! Nak rehat dulu. Nanti abang buat...."

I ni pulak, cannot stand lah to look at the kitchen sink yang penuh tu. So I stopped asking him to do the dishes, I only left things that need to be immersed in the water for a while, macam periuk kuali tu, haaa, takdelah banyak pun, so senanglah my husband to complete the chores later.

Lepas tu ber home terawikh....
(At that time, my husband dah terguling kekenyangan dan kepenatan, sampailah ke pagi! Pandai isteri dia bagi makan sedap)

To tell you the truth, I actually enjoyed the full schedule, it felt like my time was fully utilized. Inilah impian sebenar, ingin menjadi SuperWife/ SuperMom! But I shall suffer from the consequences of standing and doing work for too long, and carrying this weight around.....

Tapi, dalam kesakitan, takdelah I complaint kepada husband, "It's all your fault!" Hehehe...Kesian dia...

Despite the pain, the reward is, my husband masih terkenang-kenangkan my delicious cooking yerterday! Simple je pun...But he regretted that he could not eat them for sahur sebab bangun 10 minutes before Subuh, so kami berdua makan gitu gitu je...I seriously can't remember the alarm went off...

Today, I dah surrender awal-awal. I can't cook. Hish, annoying betul lah haemorrhoids ni! Hopefully it will resolve over the weekend. Takkan nak amik MC semata-mata kot....

Actually, I have planned my chores for today. Sungguh sedih because they need to be put on hold because of my disability. Banyak benda nak buat, tahu tak!

Husband: You nak keluar ke?
Me: Nakkk....
Husband: Tapi you sakit....Macam mana nak jalan?
Me: I tau....Nanti I jalan terkengkang kengkang, nanti orang ingat I dah nak deliver pulak....(Sad face because couldn't go out)

So, my husband left me to find lauk pauk and to bring his nephew to shop for baju raya....


I hope my baby will behave, don't come out now until we arrive in the Klang Valley!
Nanti siapa nak jaga Mommy? Siapa nak teman Mommy bila Daddy berfoya-foya di KL (for his Metallica concert and Barcelona match?) No, no, no, Mommy must berpantang in the Klang Valley!

That's one week away....Yeay! Can't wait to drop everything at work.


My husband's sister and her family sell chickens.

So, we always get our chickens from them. Tak main lah beli dekat Tesco even though they may be cheaper. My husband dengan prinsip: Kita nak tolong keluarga kita.

Okaylah, me no problemo.

Yesterday, masa I tengah basuh basuh ayam tu, I simply put my hand in the plastic bag and keluarkan the pieces. Lepas tuuuuuuuuuuuu, I terpegang kepala ayam!

Secara reflex, I telah menjerit dan lari ke living room.

My husband yang sedang melepak tengok TV, soal, "Kenapa?"

I pun malulah, because I know I telah bersikap mengada-ngada tanpa sengaja.

And as expected, when I told him why I screamed and got a shock, dia pandang sebelah mata je........Cisssssss!!!

I hate it when people do that to me. You know, giving me the look as if I am such a spoilt brat.

Ini pun dah kira cukup bagus sangat because I have really, really toned down from what I used to be, okay! All in the name of memikat hati boyfriend (now husband). Look at what I have sacrificed, I agree to live here, and I tolerate everything else that I am not used to.

Hish....I am not spoilt. Tengok, I bukannya high maintenance pun....I've changed so much and I
have shifted my perceptions on so many things....

Waahh....Tiba-tiba emo ni apehal pulak..........!!!!!


Anyway, I think my SIL forgot that I geli lah dengan benda-benda macam ni. That was the first time dia masukkan sekali kepala ayam dalam plastic.


I really, really want to spend a night at the hotel before the delivery.

I dream of soaking in the bath tub to relaxing music and sweet aromatherapy....

Tapi sungguh potong line lah sebab sekarang ni puasa, Hehehe....Nanti masa complimentary breakfast, tak dapat makan lama-lama....

So, I guess, I have to forego the idea at the moment.

I have no problem fasting so far. I am actually glad that I am fasting at the end of my pregnancy. In my case, I am weaker during my early pregnancy. Asyik lapar dan penat je time tu.....

Sekarang ni, okay!

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