Sunday, June 30, 2013


Been meaning to write but somehow I've been lazy to switch on the laptop. Haha...

Basically, I am a few shy weeks away from entering term pregnancy and I am still split on wishing whether to deliver earlier or later. Earlier means more puasa to qada, and later means more work to do...I know there's really nothing I can do except to wait for things to naturally happen, but you know, what you wish can turn into a doa.

So, lets just doa for what's best for me. Senang.

In terms of baby shopping, we have managed to save money and splurge on some stuff. I estimated the money that we have spent is around RM2-3k, which is not too bad, yeay! Sometimes, whenever I see expensive baby stuff, I always think about the less fortunate. How lah on earth they could afford all these...

One of my euphoric moments is when I find super bargain things, I'd feel like a robber. Haha! My husband is the one who is ever so willingly spend without much thinking. I, on the other hand, am more careful with money. So, sorry lah baby, your Mommy is quite stingy, and trust me, it's for your own good, I want you to grow up appreciating the penat lelah, things just don't fall from the sky!

Before this, when I was a teenager and money was tight, I always wonder how someone could spend so much on stuff that you can get cheaper. So, I used to think, bila I ada duit nanti, I would still buy the cheap things so I can buy many of them! I felt smart...Haha.

But now, I understand, people who buy the more expensive things do so because they could. Contohnya, macam I kan, pemikiran I macam ni

Siri bercakap dengan diri sendiri:

Me: Waahh...Mahalnya benda ni! I nak beli yang murah-murah je, bukannya baby nak pakai lama-lama pun nanti.

Me: Waahh...Tengok, murahnya ni!

Me: Tapi takkanlah I nak beli yang murah gila ni. Kesian dekat baby I...Bukannya I tak mampu, nanti orang kata tak sayang anak pulak. Buat malu je, mak bapak kerja elok, tapi kedekut.

Me: Fine, kita beli yang inilah! Tak murah dan tak mahal sangat...

Yes, now I understand, and I try not to judge people. People buy things because they can afford it even though there are cheaper options around. But when people spend on things they can't afford, itu namanya tak sedar diri!

You know what, even though the baby is still in my tummy, I can't wait for another pregnancy. Haha. I want many children. I want them to take care of me when I am old. Time is ticking and I shouldn't wait no more...My husband and I are getting old...Plus, what's the point of spending on the expensive baby equipments if you are only going to use them once! (Man, you guys must be thinking that I was so deprived during my childhood, haha).

Yesterday, my boss told me that my baby will be an active boy because I am so active when I am carrying him. Nak buat macam mana, it's the demand that comes with the job. Like I've always said, I love what I am doing (just not the workplace). One of the reasons is because it keeps me grounded. I need the constant reminder for the sake of my own humanity.

Okay, I've ran out of things to say. Will write again soon! Hopefully, something more interesting than the above. This post is boring, I know, I'm sorry...

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