Monday, June 10, 2013

I am currently at Mother's house, supposedly doing some shopping for the arrival of the baby. But yesterday was spent with my nieces, OMG, these kids...Pening kepala I tau.

They are still cute, but older, hence, more demanding, kuat merajuk, lebih strong willed aka degil, easily distracted (short attention span) and super active for a pregnant woman to handle.

Sorang nak pergi pet shop, sorang nak naik pony ride, sorang nak makan ice cream, sorang merajuk sebab sorang lagi ambil sudu dia, sorang nak pergi kencing, sorang nak Lego, sorang nak Barbie Doll, sorang nak Monster High (this one, I tell you, umur baru 4 tahun tapi obsess dengan Monster High, I am like, oiii, tu cerita budak besar lahhh!!!!)

Last-last balik rumah, my husband yang pengsan. Haha!

Niece A is the only child, clueless about pregnancy and stuff, so when she saw my belly, she went, "Besarnya perut Auntie Ectopy!"
Me: Yes...Do you know what's inside?
Niece A: I don't know. Tapi perut Papa 90 kali lagi besarrrr!!!


Niece B semi gently pat on my tummy (more like knocking on it) and said, "Ada baby dalam perut Auntie Ectopy!"
Me: Pandai...Yes, ada baby dalam perut Auntie Ectopy.
Niece B: Hari tu, saya pergi hospital dengan Mama. Mama kata baby keluar ikut 'honey'! (Then, she pointed to her 'honey')

True, but still funny for a four-year-old kid to acquire that knowledge! Hahahahaha!

Anyway, today pulak, my husband made plans for his work, so I am stuck in the house. Actually, I am quite unhappy because, well, this cuti is for me lahhhhh! But at the same time, I know that he has to do this because he needs to earn money to support us. How can I resist...

The weird part is, my husband is not giving me the green light to explore the market (ehem, the malls) by myself. Aik? Tiba-tiba je...Tak pernah pernah dikongkong sebegini! He said since I am pregnant, it will be quite dangerous for me to wander off by myself. Say whattttt!!!


And because of that, I've spent my morning watching Youtube on the baby essentials and whatnots etc sampai berpinar pinar mata.

Tiba-tiba terpengaruh dengan how much stuff we actually have to buy! Man, all this while, I have underestimated this little person that will totally change our routines!

Speaking of my baby, actually, I sangat-sangat jarang pergi check-up. Next week baru nak appointment and scan yang number 4. Padahal dah pregnant berbulan-bulan. Bukanlah tak excited ke apa, tapi... I memang don't mind. I actually enjoy the part of 'surprise me later, make me wonder'. Nanti dah lahir, boleh lah I tenung dia, ikut muka Mommy ke, muka Daddy...I can admire those ten tiny little fingers and toes, tiny little ears and nose...

I've been having a pretty smooth-sailing pregnancy so far. I am afraid that I'll have a traumatic birth experience. Ye lah...Orang cakap, kalau masa pregnant tak ada alahan, nanti masa nak bersalin susah...

I am not just worried about giving birth though.

I have been living a good life. I somehow always get most of the things I want in my life. I've encountered some obstacles, but nothing so distressing. Orang cakap, kalau Tuhan sayang, mesti banyak cabaran. Hhmm...

I am afraid that my future challenges will be too great for me to handle. Or that, I'll end up having too much luxury in my life that I will forget, just like the Pharaoh who forgot his Creator.

That is very.very scary...

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