Tuesday, May 28, 2013

One of the things I hate about living here is how far I am from my hometown. My husband actually goes back to Klang Valley more often than I am! His work is more flexible than mine and I am forever jealous about that.

Hari tu, he wasn't around and I suffered from a very bad haemorrhoid experience. OMG, never in my life, now I know how it feels like. At first, I didn't know it was the haemorrhoid, I thought I was just uncomfortable because of my growing tummy. First timer kan...I had no clue until I bled, so I googled, and found out haemorrhoid is actually common especially in the third trimester. (Nasib baik I pandai sikit, I wasn't freaked out when I saw the bleeding thinking I was in labour or something like that. Kalau tak, malu je pergi Emergency Department kan...)

I was at my 28th week of pregnancy at that time. Terus I nangis nangis because I can't imagine having to endure the pain until my 40th week. Nak duduk tak boleh, nak baring tak boleh, jalan terkengkang kengkang. Oh, lemah sungguh. Haha!

Then, mysteriously, it resolved by itself within a few days- An abrupt ending to a stupid drama.

Sambil bergoogle-google tu, I was curious about sex after delivery. Macam horror je I baca, some people tunggu 10 bulan okay! It's not just the women, it's the men too, especially those who witness the birth, they feel guilty and traumatised because they feel it's their fault making their wives suffer from the labour pain...

I don't want abstinence for months, I mean, I don't want my husband to go stray, but I will soooooo make my husband watch me go through the labour. I don't care, I want him to be next to me, not being able to sleep like me, and I want to claw into his skin when I am in pain. He just has to witness the whole event, I don't care...!!!

Speaking of jalan terkengkang kengkang, actually, now that even though I am pain-free, I am still jalan terkengkang kengkang because my God, this baby is heavy! I also gain weight, so that probably explains the extra lemak between my thighs, it is so uncomfortable when they touch each other, especially when you are sweating. Kalau sujud tu, kaki dah tak rapat.

And the most uncomfortable thing about pregnancy is the vaginal discharge. Benciiii...It's not itchy or anything, it's just...Wet...So unsexy....

Okay, enough female stuff!

Following my previous post, I received quite a number of comments, which made me a little bit excited because I thought now I have more blogs to read. Unfortunately, most of my readers are anonymous people, urgh, you guys disappoint me! And the people's profiles who actually link to actual blogs, well, I already have them listed in my blog roll. Haha!

Oh, well...

The other day, I asked my husband: Do you notice any changes about me during this pregnancy? Am I a horrible person when I am pregnant?

My husband said, "You dah tak marah-marah macam dulu. You lebih banyak bersabar..."

Me: Mana ada I suka marah-marah dulu!
Husband: Ye...Dulu sebelum mengandung, you selalu marah-marah I. Lepas tu, you kuat merajuk...Tapi sejak nak jadi mak ni, dah cool down dah...

Eh, yeke...???

I also complaint a lot. Like, how I am tired, how it is difficult to get up in the morning...My unsupportive husband said, "Eleh, sabar lah sikit, orang lain mengandung pun macam tu jugak..."

Wah, wah, wah...Sedapnye dia bercakap!

So, one night, I pressed his tummy while he was lying down, giving him approximately 2kg force on his stomach, and said, "Abang! Macam ni lah rasanya ada baby dalam perut!"

He went, "Ouch...Abang tak boleh bernafas!" trying to struggle away from me.

"Cuba bayangkan ada 2kg atas perut you, 24 hours a day, for 2 months! Haaa...Macam ni lah rasanya..." Geram punya pasal, I continued pressing his tummy. Baru rasa kan...

A few people have commented that my tummy is small. It is not small. My obstetrician has measured my tummy and scanned my baby, he/ she is actually bigger than expected. Please don't grow so big, baby, mummy wants you to be healthy, but please don't severe my vaginaaa...

Just now, my husband texted me and said he has gained 1kg.
Baru 1kg dah kecoh...
I think it's because I am getting better at cooking, but my husband cakap, "Jangan nak perasan."

He actually blames this pregnant woman's eating habit that's been influencing him.

So, starting from today, he said, no more rice for dinner.

Truth is, I really don't mind, in fact, I am so happy joget hula hula because that means I don't have to cook and I get to rest! Yeay!!!

Oh, and since entering the third trimester, there were already 2 people who complimented on my looks. Baru sekarang pregnancy glow tu nak datang kannnnnnnn...!!!

Better late than never! Major self-esteem booster!
Me: Abang, ada nenek tua cakap I cantik...
Husband: Memanglah isteri abang ni comel...Muka bulat dah sekarang!
Me: I rasa mesti ramai lelaki rasa I cantik tapi tak berani cakap sebab I pregnant...Takkanlah nak puji puji isteri orang kan...
Husband: Eleh, perasan...
Me: Betullah...Mesti lelaki lain cakap, kenapalah perempuan cantik tu nak youuuu...Hahaha...!
Husband: Tak lah, mesti diorang cakap, hebatnya Mr. Ectopy ni, dapat isteri cantik...Respect, respect...!!!

I am so looking forward for June. It's my shopping month and so many meaningful dates to celebrate!

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Hampshire Mummy said...

Congrats! From your silent reader who is expecting a second kid this June. So excited for you!