Tuesday, May 7, 2013

I will be like one of those people who writes about politics and annoy people who don't agree with me.


I still have faith in my country.
So, please stop accusing people of not doing their job.

When the Customs Deputy Director-General Datuk Shaharuddin Ibrahim was murdered, I immediately thought about the wife and children he left behind, how shocked they must be. I even cried a little just thinking that it might even occur to me.

It is scary how easy people can get fire arms and heartlessly shoot a target.

Then, I read about people blaming the police, on how they are not doing their job.

Oh, come on...

That's like blaming the teachers because there is a bad pupil in the class.
That's like blaming the doctors because a patient dies.

Bongok lah.

Then, the election came...Then, they accuse the SPR for not being just.

So, okay, from what I understand, all these people are not doing their job, except for you lah? All these people are not honest, except for you lah?

Some people simply speak their minds without even thinking. Not once they tried to put themselves someone else's shoes.

They don't think about their friends and families who might be one of these poor people, and how they would feel when people simply speculate without knowing what really happened.

Worse, they spread the news making more and more people vulnerable towards hatred.

I would always vote a candidate depending on how well I think he/ she can lead, regardless what party they are representing.

Having said that, I am majorly disappointed that Sarawak might be led by Tan Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud.

He looks like a conman, I don't trust him. Well, I don't think I would trust anybody that age with a wife like that. So annoying!

While other people were busy anticipating for the updates and results of the recent GE13, my husband and I watched MotoGP live.

That race was probably the most intense I've ever seen since I first started watching MotoGP, which was, when I married my husband.

The above was the clash between the young Marc Marquez (he's just 20 years old) and the Lorenzo, competing for the second place at the very last corner of the race, just a few seconds before the finish line.

Lorenzo was really unhappy when he had to settle for the third place, all the while during the race maintaining second position behind Pedrosa.

I'd say Marquez really has guts. He took risks, doing the young and dangerous thing. It was a good race.
Selamba dia je nak bump into a senior kan...My husband said Rossi did that kind of stunt before.

All the top 3 winners were from Spain. Haish, makan apa pandai bawak motor laju-laju ni...

I urge everybody not to sulk. Whether you like it or not, the result is out. So, move on...Stop mourning. There's nothing you can do about the past.

Tak payahlah nak ber rally rally. I'm sure if many participate, it's hard to control the crowd and bad things are bound to happen.

Menyusahkan orang je, nanti jalan jam.

I don't want my country to become like Egypt, okay!

It's better to move forward. This kind of act can paralyse our economy growth. Don't scare away the foreign investors!

I thought we all want our economy to prosper...Show them how stable we are!

By wanting our economy to prosper, that doesn't mean to go as far as 'asking for help from the US'.
What stupidity is this?

First of all, the Americans are not the leaders in this world, second of all, they themselves are really not an honest lot, and last but not least, why are we creating an opportunity for them to take over our country?

Crazy, ah?

I am against racism.

So, please stop speculating dark skin people are Bangladeshi (well, some people rudely call them Bangla). Even my husband could be mistaken if you blindly simply judge his looks.

I, myself, don't look like a Malay, so I am deeply sensitive about this matter.
I, myself, was once a minority, so I know how it feels when people discriminate you.

These people who mindlessly comment about the Bangaladeshis obviously never experienced the pain of having to reside in a country not their own, when the locals keep thinking that you are trying to rob their country.

One of the people I respect on Facebook went to length of commenting about their BO. I lost respect for her immediately.

I mean, if you work as a labour under the hot sun, you would stink too. If you were unfortunately born as a poor person, you wouldn't have so many fresh clothes to change into or you wouldn't be able to afford to buy a deodorant.

If you hate them so much, stop hiring the Indonesian to be your maids. Stop hiring the Bangladeshi to build your houses.

Don't ever think you are above someone else. Always be humble.

Some of this foreign workers married the locals. Not all of them are stupid. Some of them even went to study at University level, but they just can't find jobs in their country. Have you even been to their country and see how much they have to suffer? Do you really think they enjoy coming to Malaysia having to leave their beloved family behind? Dapat pulak boss boss yang pandang rendah pada diorang.

Jadi, tak perlu berlagak sangat, okay. Kau berjaya sikit pun sebab ada orang tolong.

Some of them are more qualified than fellow Malaysians, that when they come to Malaysia, they could build a fortune because they are hardworking. Malu lah sikit.

Kata tak racist, tapi komen memang racist gila. Kata Islamic, habis tu, kau tak rasa some of the Bangaldeshis to orang Islam ke?

Another friend on Facebook, proudly announced that he has been to more than 50 countries and "Malaysia is the worst in terms of fair elections."


Seriously, can I just unfriend this guy?

First of all, he had been in more than 50 countries as a tourist, only for a few days at a time, not as a resident, not during their election time, how the hell can he make this 'smart' conclusion without doing any background research?

Second of all, he had to repeat his University year, not once, but twice, and we all probably why he was unable to finish on time (too much travelling), or maybe, we all probably know how he had the time and money to travel to more than 50 countries. Of course, he would say, he has the rights, because itu kan duit rakyat, duit rakyat kan duit dia jugak...Aku bekerja mengumpul duit untuk berfoya-foya...Well, orang suruh belajar, bukan buat kerja lain.

Tolonglah jangan buat statement bodoh, especially bila dah tua-tua ni.

Rolls eyes multiple times.

A lot of people say, "Melayu/ Orang Islam kena bersatu padu."

Betul tu. But I think, it is more accurate to say: Malays need to wake up, stop being lazy, stop spending more than you earn, stop expecting for Bumiputera quotas, stop asking for more subsidies!

Tapi, bila time nak bayar tax, banyak pulak yang mengelat. I don't understand your Mathematics, you want cheaper this and that, but you also don't want to pay for tax. Apa ni?!!! Nak tunggu duit turun dari mana? Orang suruh berniaga to generate economy, kau tak berapa nak yakin pulak. Semua benda nak senang kan?

People are asking for cheaper car rates.

I don't agree. That just means more and more people will buy cars, for their children, the roads will be more and more congested. Oohh, kereta murah, jom beli...! We know Malaysian mentality, selagi dia rasa murah, dia akan beli, tak kesahlah dia mampu ke tak. Menambahkan hutang adalah.

I tak tahan okay!

I will be more than happy if anybody offered to expand our LRT and Komuter rails and system to be more effective and accessible, so to promote public transport.

Went for my antenatal check-up.

Baby's gender is still a mystery. Kali ni dia bersujud pulak. Husband kata, "Bagus anak kita, dia suka sembahyang kot..."

I am now borderline anaemic. Gonna increase my meat intake from now on!


Anonymous said...

Hello ectopy,

i suka all your posts, and somehow this post yang paling buat i tak tahan rasa nak komen. haha. semua point you i memang agree sangat2, thats what i thought too! except yang pasal my cm, pehin sri taib mahmud.

Its not fair for you to judge our CM like that just because he's old and he has got a new hot wife. Kenapa taknak tengok contribution dia sepanjang dia jadi our CM, betapa makmur and selesa kami kat Sarawak, the perfect definition of 1Malaysia, not once kami ada isu perkauman, NEVER. Racism? tak pernah ada isu langsung, seeing betapa banyak kaum kat Sarawak ni.

So yeah. :)

aliqaliqa said...

ectopy you annoyed me! hahaha :)

Nadiah said...


Well said dear...I agreed with you.

Except about CM Sarawak. I pernah study 4tahun disana. Banyaka pembangunan dalam era pemerintahan dia and you will be surprise orang Sarawak lebih kaya and modern compare dengan orang semenanjung dekat sini.

Anonymous said...

Statement2 yg mmg sgt pedih! LOL

Stay well k!


Anonymous said...

I didn't agree about lots of thing..

1. I didn't agree with the result, not because i think SPR is unjust,it because there are people who manipulate them or their work. I solely understand that some people have less knowledge on how anything works, where other people easily manipulate them. recall when we realise we were being cheated, and how its feel.

2. post electoral, a lot of people mention about 'apa nak kecoh?', while some people with their skills, study the electoral process and find way improving them. my worry is this, we have no interest to improve ourselves, let alone our beloved country. when things like this happen, as usual, we talk about it but no hardwork involve, no reports, no calculating, no learning. most of the time, we undermine those who try to do something.

3. i'm against downgrading defending mechanism


i agrees that somehow us, msian have this unrealistic thinking when it comes to value of money and hardwork. want more money but dont want to work more. it occur to me, all of this comes from lack of knowledge, hence i hope we can wake up and learn more, before more people take advantages of our lack of knowledge.

SL said...

Haha berimannya anak you, dalam perut pun dah start sembahyang :)

ectopy said...

waahh ...sebenarnye I tak suke dkt CM sarawak tu because i am highly influenced by the youtube video tu ...

hehe ...

anon ,
I actually want to reply your comment but im using my phone now ,so tak feel lah nak type panjang panjang .will try to find the time to respond okay .may is a very busy month for me

-ectopy -

Anonymous said...

Mcm knal la that guy no. 6 tu..haha

Anonymous said...

Mcm knal la that guy no. 6 tu..haha

The Tea Drinker said...

apa2 pun, i bangga la duk malaysia.

bangga la!

bukan bangla!

*cough. sorry. couldn't help myself*

Anonymous said...

Well said!

Anonymous said...

i really like this post and agreed with you :)


Superwomanwannabe said...

helloooooo....how are youuu..lama tak senggah nih.. hows the pregnancy (or you dah bersalinke?). Many a times I want to comment on FB esp to my opposition loving friends that we are not that bad...we have corrupt politicians..who doesn't but we certainly are NOT oppressed. Tapi i diamkan diri taknak gaduh :) But one of these days maybe akan tersembolgak perasaaan hehehehe Peace and lurve