Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Wedding season!

I love attending beautiful wedding. I would give the look to my husband and moan, "Why wasn't our wedding like this! Masa kita kahwin, tak ada pun macam ni, tak ada pun macam tu...!"

Sabar je lah, wahai suami.

To make myself feel better, I said, "Tak apalah...Kita tak mampu pun. Lagipun kita boleh guna duit tu buat ini dan buat itu."

Cis. Memang ayat sedapkan hati sendiri sangat!


I was supposed to watch The Avengers. Got there early but the tickets were all sold out. While waiting for my friends to arrive, I browsed through the bedsheet and duvet sales by Akemi. I love Akemi, when it's on sale. Haha. I could never afford Akemi without the discounts.

Anyway, I was completely oblivious, didn't realize/ know there was a guy who suddenly approached me.

Stranger: Murah ke ni?
Me: (Giving him a very polite smile)

I thought nothing of it and continued to select nice bedsheets.

That guy went around and ended next to me again.

Stranger: Ni harga lepas diskaun ke, sebelum diskaun?
Me: Tak tahu lah. Kena tanya salesgirl tu.

This time, I thought he had mistaken me as the salesgirl because he had been asking about the product twice. But, then again, I didn't look like a salesgirl because I wore nice clothes meh!

Stranger: Nama siapa? Nak kawan, boleh?

Haha. Baru nak ter realize this guy was hitting on me!

Me: (Polite smile again. Ignore)
Stranger: Nama siapa?
Me: Hmm...Saya dah kahwin lah...

I usually don't wear any ring due to the nature of my work. But in God's mysterious ways, I wore all three that day because I was on leave and brought them all to Mother's place for dressing up purposes.

Stranger: Ala...Tak apalah. Kita nak kawan je...

Then he left.

I was, of course, scared because men very rarely get attracted to me. So I rarely catch anyone's attention. When they do show interest in me, I get very suspicious. Mesti ada udang di sebalik batu!

Lariiii!!! Where the hell are my friends, why aren't they here yet!!!

Eh, but cannot waste this experience, must use to my advantage.

So, I quickly texted my husband and bragged...Haha. Dah kahwin pun ada orang nak mengorat...Macam some sort of achievement pulak.

Adakah menjadi semakin hot semenjak lepas berkahwin?

Because a few weeks ago, at work, I asked my client a standard question, "Mata boleh nampak ke?"

He said, "Boleh nampak. Dan saya tengok awak ni cantik."

A normal response from a person who rarely gets compliments would be: Nervouse laugh. And that's what I did. Nervous laugh and brushed it off.

But...Must use those opportunity to make my husband jealous! Bila lagi...

And bilalah nak ada baby ni...Hehe. Keluar tajuk.


Actually, I want to talk on something serious, but I'll do it later. It seems inappropriate pulak nak jumble everything up in one post.

So, next post would be on either injustice of law or the speechless friend. Hehe. The latter topic sounds more interesting. Why so immature!

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