Wednesday, May 9, 2012

"Everybody wants to go to heaven. But nobody wants to die."

I love quotes. But I never remember who I quoted it from. Hehe.

"Even though you disagree, respect the government."

"Instead of wanting more of what you don't have, think of whether you actually deserve what you already have."


For the past couple days, I am quite content with my life.

Is it the long leave?

Started with the long journey back home, I love to see how motorists work to help each other.

For example, if we are stuck behind a truck, the lorry driver would give signals, the right indicator means it's not safe to overtake, the left indicator means please, go ahead!

I usually respond by yelling in the car, "Thank you!" I wish these considerate drivers know how much I appreciate them.

At home, I received a lot of compliments, just enough to boost my confidence.

Two people said my handbags looked lovely. I brought along two, so a compliment for each handbag. Yeay!

One guy tried to hit on me. Haha. This is funny.

One old friend, whom I haven't seen in a long time, said I was funny. She said it so casually, but she doesn't know how much I like to be called funny.

She knows me since our school time. It feels nice when someone remembers you like what you used to be.

I was talkative and outgoing back then. I laughed a lot, so care-free, and I actually made the effort to make other people happy. I had many, many friends, was even quite popular.

I used to include everybody in my class so nobody would feel left out. I stock up gifts so whenever it's someone's birthday, I would always have something to give.

I am not like that anymore. Not saying I am not happy, but in a different way.

So, when this old friend of mine said, "Ectopy, you are so funny!" and laughed at my jokes, it reminded me of how I was once before.

It feels really, really good. It's just a small comment that may go unnoticed, but I am so glad. Yes, she made my day. Actually, I am still beaming until now! :)

And last but not least, I want to express that I am so grateful that I live in Malaysia.

There are many times that I feel like migrating, but for the past two weeks, I am quite content.

You know why?

I found out a client received free MAS flights for the rest of his life. Just an e-mail sent and the kind soul granted his wish.
It was not even publicised but it's true story.

The story has restored my faith that there are still many kind, considerate moguls out there who genuinely have big hearts.

I watched Extreme Couponing on TLC channel 707 and I was inspired.
It's a great idea to use all the coupons to make big purchases for almost free! Even though I initially thought, "Why the hell would I need thousands of toothpastes?" but hey, you could always donate them to people in need.

Malaysia ada ke kupon kupon macam ni? Maybe I can begin collecting.

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