Saturday, May 5, 2012

I am still on leave, but I've been having nightmares. Not nightmares, exactly, but more of, unpleasant dreams.

One time, I dreamt about being called for a small meeting with the mighty big boss, who is known for sacking the employers right there and then. I've never spoken to this mighty big boss in real life. In the dream, there was me, and a few others I didn't know. The purpose was to discuss what had been bothering us, how to improve the quality of work, that kind of thing, but it soon became a heated argument. The mighty big boss started to pin-point at our mistakes and demanded to look at our punchcard.

My punchcard was full for the whole month, except for one day (I think this is reality, once upon a time, I did have to work every freaky single day!).

My colleague voiced out his dissatisfaction of being overworked even though there's black-and-white that we are not supposed to work for more than certain hours. Because of the mighty big boss reputation, we thought he would fire the right people, but instead, he threatened us. All of us, including me, who said nothing.

Being the smarty-pants that I am, in the midst of fright and nervousness, sempat lagi nak terfikir to record the whole conversation. The curses and the yellings, the accusations and the threats.

My colleague stormed off. I went to him and told him that I had everything recorded. So, the case was brought to the court, I was one of the witnesses, they offered to give us compensations, I didn't have the money to hire a lawyer, my colleague was the son of somebody, thus he wanted to forgo with it, etc etc.

Wow, it was a really elaborate dream.

As I am writing this...This might be related to the recent Bersih 3.0 rally. You think?

Next, was the dream where I was lesbian! OMG! How could I ever dreamt of this thing! I was already back to work. Saw my boss and she was like, "It's been noisy at night, have you heard?" (In the dream, we were also neighbours)

I told her No. Then, I went back home, and saw the sudden influx of new tenants around my house.

Entah macam mana, I got whisked by a tenant, a woman, and fell madly in love with her.

One time, we had a fight, and it affected my work, as I didn't turn up to my workplace. Which, subsequently, brought my husband to come looking for me.

Then I woke up and refused to go back to sleep. Terus eat breakfast dengan husband. Adake patut jadi lesbian! Hish!

As I am writing this...Eh, why are my dreams mostly work-related eh? I am on leave lah!

Next, I was at this restaurant meeting my friends and a blogger. (I also don't know why I dream about other bloggers. Reading too much blogs?)

It was surprise party, so this blogger held a game, kinda like a treasure hunt thing. I tried cracking jokes with her but she gave me the look, so I felt really embarrassed. I was so glad I was not in her team.

I got to lead the other team and we were really good. It's like, a treasure hunt combined with paintball, so you really gotta have skills.

At one of the checkpoints, we had to complete three tasks. The other team had completed two easier tasks.

I convinced my group to take on the most difficult task first as it would take a very long time to learn the dance steps. They agreed and we practiced and practiced and put the other group on hold. Serve them right!

As I am writing this...Okay, this sounds like Amazing Race!

Why can't I have nice dreams instead? Things that I could get only in a dream...Kan best macam tu...


I was playing PigShot on my niece's iPhone. Got to nowhere to her highscores.

Me: How did you do it? Apa rahsia kejayaan awak?
Niece: Mencuba!
Me: (What the hell is she talking about) Mencuba apa?
Niece: Mencuba...Practice makes perfect...
Me: Oh, my God! That is not 'mencuba' lah! That is 'berlatih'.
Niece: Oh. (Laughs)

Teruklah my niece. She doesn't even talk in English all the time. But her BM memang sucks. And she knows it. A member of Kelab Bahasa Melayu. Kalau dapat B tu memang untuk subjek BM lah. It was funny though.


A few weeks ago, I attended a course which one of the discussions involved was regarding our manmade law.

The speaker showed us a few examples of court cases which we had thought a sure-winner. We were proven wrong.

At that point, I thought, there is seriously something wrong with our judiciary system.

Following that, the floor was opened for discussion. It became quite interesting. The majority questioned why? Why?

There I was, sitting quietly- I thought the court is the place to get justice, but does justice being delivered? What about the judges? Don't they do their researches? Don't they think about the consequences for being injustice, well, probably not now, but in the afterlife?

I am so sad that there a substantial number of Malaysians who use the court to get rich. They make it like a gambling arena. What's worse is when they use their misfortune, crying out for attention in the court, when clearly, their aim is for personal gain.

And, me, paying tax just to feed those greed instead for better infrastructure. And that's why I can never be a practicing lawyer, too many internal conflicts, I can't handle.

Like always, things like this make me believe more in akhirat. Life cannot be this unfair. It cannot end just like that. Takkanlah every good deed won't ever be rewarded. Takkanlah mati is the end. Heaven and hell must exist, they just must okay!

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