Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Even though Astro is opening all channels until 6th of May, I am still stuck with cartoons 24-7. I tried to teach those kids to watch adult materials, but cartoons are evil!

So, since I have too much time in my hand, a blog shall be updated.

I thought it was weird for me because I have a friend, I don't know whether I can call her my friend, because we never talk.

I used to talk to her, but that was 10 years ago, and the talking only lasted for the first few days.

We lived in the same condo unit, we were in the same class, then, we departed to go to the same city to further our studies. We do meet here and there, during raya, during events, but we just don't talk. We never argue. Nothing happened to make us stop talking to each other, but we don't freaking talk, it's so weird, I tell ya!

And the best part is...Everybody knows we don't talk! Okay, so our class was small, but the guys and our classmates of different races also knew about this.
Obviously, we share mutual friends, so it is simply understood that Ectopy and this girl, let's call her, *Gina, don't talk. It's been like that for so long, but we are friends, yes, we are, we are friends who just don't talk to each other!

I attended a wedding, with my friend, *Brad and his girlfriend, *Farah. They were my colleagues, so they don't know who Gina is.

I told them about this strange friendship that I have with Gina. And also the fact that I needed to attend Gina's wedding that night...Provided...There would be other college friends there as well, or it would be just  weird!

(Gina herself is a quiet girl. She doesn't have many friends. I am the kind of person who always feel obliged to attend events like this, especially if others can't make it, because I feel bad! If I could make it, I am happy to be a representative. I know how it feels if nobody attends your event, especially when they don't turn up after RSVP!)

Brad: Actually, Ectopy, I don't think it's weird.
Me: You don't think it's weird? It is so weird, everybody thinks so too! Including me!
Brad: (Laughs) Because...I have that kind of relationship too!
Me: Oh, my God! Really? After all these years, I thought I was weird. Now, finally, I meet this other person who is in the same boat! So, it's not weird? It's normal? Does everybody secretly have this kind of relationship, but they just don't tell? (Looks at Farah, Brad's girlfriend)

Farah: Let me think...Nope. I don't have friends that I don't talk to. Wait, who is this friend that you don't talk to, Brad?

Brad: Remember *Sulaiman? I never talk to him. It's actually kinda weird.
Me: See! I told you it's weird!
Brad: Because there's this one time, we were at this wedding. And I was holding his baby. It's so weird because I can't be talking to his kid when I don't talk to the father, right? So, it's like, a silent play with his kid.
Me: (LOL)

Brad: And, just like you, he used to be my housemate. But we don't talk. Even *Ali was asking why we never talk.

Ali is our mutual friend who used to work with me, but went to school with Brad.

Me: Phew, I am so glad you understand.
Brad: We were together for 5 years and never talk. I guess, once something happened, it's quite difficult to initiate the talking.
Farah: You had a fight?
Brad: What I remember is, we started off by playing football together. He was a rough player, then he did something, he tackled me, then I got mad. Then we don't talk. (Laughs)
Me: But, that's different. Nothing happened between Gina and I. At first, I talked to her, but she replied with very, very short phrases. Then, I guess, I gave up talking to her. Nothing else. And she never made the effort to talk to me too.

Brad: It's quite funny actually. Because we always play football together. You know lah, mesti ada, hoi, apa tendang-tendang ni. But when he kicked my legs, senyap je. Then, he just gave me the stare.


Even though Gina and I don't talk  to each other, we are friends in Facebook, we know each other's updates, we turn up at gatherings and laugh, just not to each other.

I also have talked about this with my bestfriend since college, *Farid.

Farid told me, he too, rarely talked to his roommate *Yusof. Only after they finished college, they started to become close and hang out together.

Farid said, the reason they don't talk was because Yusof girlfriend was *Adli's ex-girlfriend. (Adli is Farid's bestfriend from highschool)
After they finished college, Yusof and the girlfriend broke up and coincidentally, Farid and Yusof started to talk.

OMG, why are my friends and I a bunch of weirdoes!

In the end, I did attend Gina's wedding, It was beautiful and it was grandeur. The best part was the Patchi Chocolates. Sedap gile nak mampus, sayang nak makan...(Cair dalam syurga coklat)

So, do you talk to your so-called friends?

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