Friday, May 18, 2012

Nowadays, the only thing that could cheer me up is probably the TV.
More specifically, Wipeout on AXN 701. Haha. Love it! Because it's funny and I could laugh all by myself in front of the idiot box, looking like an idiot myself.

This reminds me of the other day, I had a bad day at work. Came home, switched on the TV, went all Haha while watching Wipeout, then took a nap. Woke up feeling better. Er, kinda productive, I must say.

This time around, I'll be writing on what's been bothering me.
Number 1.
Stupid boss.
Okay, she memang has that irritating attitude, everybody knows, but I still can't tolerate it. She is so bad, she's one of the reasons why my colleague quit her job.

Last week, I found out she was talking bad about me. In view of her attitude, I always avoid working with her. (I work with a different boss) One day, she asked for my help, so her staff informed me regarding the client at a very 'convenient' time. I went back home late just because of that. Due to the time constraint, some decisions couldn't be made on the same day.

The next day, this mean boss of mine, flipped through my report, and commented, "La, ini saja yang dia tulis? Baik tak payah panggil macam tu, saya pun boleh buat."

Wah, wah, wah, kepala hotak lu, you ungrateful bitch! If you could have done it yourself, why did you call me in the first place! And didn't you see the time of the report being written? Kalau terer sangat, you do it yourself lah. You kan pangkat lebih tinggi daripada I, why ask help from a staff below you then? Because...She's not so smart lah, okay.

She didn't say it directly to me, but it bothered me because I feel so unappreciated. I always work overtime, but my efforts go unnaticed, it's depressing. The only thing that keeps me going is the belief of ikhlas/ beribadat dalam bekerja. I taknaklah makan gaji buta dan makan duit haram pulak.

I bumped into her at Tesco but pretended not to see.

Me: Abang, cepat bayar. Tadi I nampak boss I, I tak nak jumpa dia.
Husband: Mana? Yang pakai tudung hitam tu ke? Yang tu ke? Yang tu eh?
Me: Entah. I tak nak pandang! Jom, jom!
Husband: I rasa yang pakai tudung hitam tu. Yang pakai mekap tebal tu kan?
Me: Mana you tau dia pakai mekap tebal?
Husband: Ala, masa you marah hari tu kan you kutuk dia pakai mekap tebal, tak fashionable and ugly.

Number 2.
Annoying colleague.
Well, this is the same person that I developed some instant dislike for no reason.
But, now, her attitude adds more reasons for me not to like her!

She likes to tell on people. I don't know what's her problem, but it affects me.
Like today, my other boss sarcastically asked me, "Ectopy, dah siap ke surat client tu?"

Me: Dah. Settle dah. (Ni mesti kerja Tina bongok pergi cakap satu-satu dekat boss lah ni)
Other boss: Ye? Sebab I bagitau kes tu dekat *Halim (my real boss) and dia macam tak tahu pun.
Me: Yeke? Tapi dah settle dah.

Arghh! Don't tell me how to do my job lah, okay. It will be done, I am hell good at it. No need to tell on me to people just because I am a wee bit late, as if I have nothing else important to do. And that case is not even an urgent case!

Everytime I meet someone else who doesn't like my colleague, I am little bit glad, like, yeay, welcome to the club! Thankfully, it's not just me...

Me: Oh, my God, you know Tina?
Atikah: We went to the same univeristy. Dia dulu my senior.
Me: I am sorry but I don't like her.
Atikah: Who does? Sejak lagi universiti lagi I tak suka dia.
Me: Really? Yeay! See, Brad, I am not the only one who doesn't like her. And I am not disliking her for no reason!
Brad: I am not saying I like her...

Number 3.
Lazy clients.
The type who likes to ask favours (because they are lazy), then expect me to grant their wishes, ignoring my actual responsibilty to the community.

Worse, the type who 'dah bagi betis, tapi nak peha'.

Worse, verbally pass the request through my staff, or, just leave a memo, as if the request is so innocent.

Wah, sungguh demanding nya engkau, tapi malas! Orang bagi nasihat, tapi sombong dan engkar!

My husband is outstation and my birthday is coming up. He asked me what I want for my birthday, but really, all I want he can't afford yet. Haha! Like, a nice house, or a honeymoon! Or, resign my job and become a diva housewife. Or learn how to cook/ sew. Or, a baby.

Right now, one the simple things that I want is- to be able to tidy up the house! Will do it today, I semi-promise! Hehe.

Me: I want to have a baby.
Brad: I want you to have a baby. It will be fun! I think you should see the doctor.
Me: No! I am not infertile! Do you think I have some kind of disease?
Brad: You never know...
Me: Besides, they will reject me. You have to wait for 2 years before the doctor declares you have difficulties getting pregnant.
Brad: Just see laaa...Get yourself checked early.
Me: I know what they're going to say.
Marriage is not even one year old yet.
Even less if you count the time when we actually started living together.
Have sex at least 3 times per week.
Go have a honeymoon.
I've done my research.
Brad: Then, go for a honeymoon and have sex more!

Yeah. My husband gotta bring home something really nice for me!
(Baru tadi taknak apa-apa, tapi sekarang sudah stress. Bribe me with gifts. I'd feel better after watching Wipeout anyway...Hehe)


Anonymous said...

Ectopy...we shared common things for Number 1 and Number 2. My worst case is Number 2. Ada sorang colleague yang x senang hati tgk org lain gembira or having good and close friendship between each other in the office.

To my surprise, she sanggup jumpa bomoh tau to break the friendship. So gila n scary this old lady (yah..she's old.. dah lebih setengah abad!!). Still x sedar diri rumah kata pergi, kubur kata mari2...

the ectopy said...

takpe...dont worry. jumpa bomoh bukan boleh jadi apa-apa pun. menghabiskan masa, tenaga dan duit dia je, padan muka dia! desperate sangat nak berkawan lah tu, kesian...

Anonymous said...

Babe, for the baby tu ur masih baru lagi.. Dont worry. InsyaAllah ada. :) Tapi utk yang belom cecah 2-3thn ni i rase u tak payah usik apa2 lagi, even doctor belom perlu jumpa.. Just enjoy ur 'honeymoon' berdua k? Jgn tension2.. X la teruk sgt hidup berdua ni. Boleh berkepit selaloo

the ectopy said...

if we were younger, im sure i wouldnt mind so much. im just trying to catch up with my biological clock :(

the ectopy said...

if we were younger, im sure i wouldnt mind so much. im just trying to catch up with my biological clock :(