Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Current mood: FML.

FML= fuck my life.


Sometimes, I feel guilty for not telling everything I know about someone else to my bestfriend.

Like the time I knew her roommate would be a disaster. I thought it was the right thing to do because I didn't know her personally and I didn't want to spread false rumours about her.

The roommate then slept with someone's fiance. The guy stopped talking to the fiance. The marriage was postponed. The fiance knows nothing while everybody else knows what's going on.

My bestfriend hates her roommate because of that.
She questioned why I didn't tell her earlier.

My friend fancied a man 18 years older than us and he has 6 kids.

My response was, "OMG. Oh tuhanku. Ya Allah."

She said not to worry yet.

I then recalled the time I watched a comedy film. The protagonist was involved in a road traffic accident and he thought he was on fire, so he ran around shouting, "Oh, God. Oh, Jesus save me. Help me, Allah. Mother Theresa! Oprah...?"

I thought that was funny, I laughed out loud. I was told it was not funny, I shouldn't laughed and I should bertaubat.

My friend was proposed after about 2 months going out with this guy. He even thought of the theme colour for their engagement ceremony.

My friend drove to his hometown because he wanted to introduce her to his parents. She waited at the mosque and he was supposed to come and fetch her. My friend looked her best wearing the most beautiful baju kurung and tudung.

He texted her saying his sister borrowed his car and she was not home yet. He couldn't come to the mosque to get her.

My friend thought that was fine, she could drive to his house by herself.

The guy said not to come.

She wasted 4 hours driving and waiting for this jerk.

She forgave him.

If I was her, I'd say FML.


dazzledalie said...

talladega night is hillarious dude. aku pun gelak2 part tu.

(interesting link.)

Marliza Radzi said...

"Oh, God. Oh, Jesus save me. Help me, Allah. Mother Theresa! Oprah...?"

errr I would have laughed. perlukah saya bertaubat sekarang?