Sunday, February 1, 2009

ego boost

I was upset with my boyfriend for a few days already but we had our official argument yesterday.

We were talking on the phone and I had raised my voice while expressing my dissatisfactions toward our relationship.

I gathered the evidences of his insensitivity towards my feeling and at first, he had to stop me from going on and on about it because he said, "Tak payahlah nak ungkit, I malu jugak lah for what I've done to you. I tahulah you ni baik and I mengakulah yang I ni tak pandai sangat nak layan you. Benda tu kan cerita lama, nanti I berubah lah...I am sorry, okay?"

Of course, I couldn't stop right there and then, I needed to have my last say. I responded to him and suddenly, I heard his colleagues' voices in the background.

And at the same time, it seemed like I had pushed his patience to its limits, so he kinda yelled at me back and went something like this, "You ni kan, fikir diri you je. Selama ni, apa you buat dekat I, I sabar je," and he began to list down the 'bad' things I did to him.

Hoh, lawan tokey!

Actually, I like it when he stands up for himself rather than letting me bully him constantly. It would create a time for me to listen and compose myself. I admit I could be selfish sometimes especially when I am with my boyfriend. So, when he gets a grip of me, I would settle down.

However, that is not the point of this blogpost.

I have noticed that my boyfriend would get defensive and in control in the presence of his friends. Such big ego, he has!

After we made up, yesterday was the first time I mentioned it to him.

Me: You kata you tak pernah nak marah-marah I, tapi baru je tadi you marah I.
Him: I tak marahlah tadi...
Me: Eleh, I tahu, bila kawan you ada, mulalah nak tunjuk garang dekat I.
Him: Ye ke? (Laughs for a very long time)
Me: Come on lah, I know you. I dengar suara kawan-kawan you masuk office tadi. Lepas tu, tiba-tiba je berani melawan balik. Before this pun macam tu juga.
Him: You perasan ke? Malulah I...Mesti kena tunjuk macho sikit depan diorang. Diorang tak tahu, I ni sebenarnya takut bini.
Me: I faham sangat. Nasib baik I ni baik tau. I bagi chance dekat you tunjuk tough depan your friends. Kalau ikut hati tadi, I jerit dalam telefon sampai satu office tu dengar. Berani you nak lawan I, ye...
Him: (Laughs) Tu yang I suka dekat you, you pandai jaga air muka I. Ala, tapi si Fahmi* tu sama juga. Bila depan kitorang, kalau gaduh, garang gila dengan girlfriend dia...Tapi belakang kitorang, macam tikus. Ini rahsia, tau! Hahahaha...
Me: (Laughs) Apa punya perangai korang ni...
Him: I minta maaf eh tadi? Sorry ye?

Sekali sekala, I let him have his moment even when we are in the middle of an argument. I am such a great girlfriend, no?

But I think it's funny-lah, tiba-tiba keluar ego pula depan kawan-kawan. Nak tunjuk hebatlah tu...

I bet your boyfriend/ husband is just the same. Try la observe...

(Fahmi* is my boyfriend's best friend.)


MisSy F said...

haa.memang i agree.sometimes i even denda sebab tak aci la diorang je boleh buat like that kan?teehee.

Aki (kotakitam) said...

Haha..lucu lah cite u ni.. anyway.. lelaki biasa aaa.. i pun cam tuh! keke.... yang penting sayang bini..

ectopy said...

hahaha, you are the second person i know who uses the word 'lucu'. funny... :)