Friday, February 20, 2009

the mind of a criminal

What my boyfriend said one day:
I selalu ingat you. I selalu cerita pasal you dekat kawan-kawan I. I cakap, you ni baik. "Masa aku beritahu Ectopy pasal Farid* larikan duit orang, dia tak marah pun, tak kutuk-kutuk pun Farid*. Dia cakap, 'Kasihan Farid*. Dia tak ada duit ke?'"

I was surprised he remembers that insignificant event. I didn't know my sympathy towards Farid* had a huge impact on my boyfriend.

Farid* has a long history of being manipulative and a compulsive liar.
My boyfriend and Farid* were supposed to close a business deal with Anthony* but my boyfriend backed out after Farid* stabbed him.

So, Anthony* was left with Farid*. Anthony* is a Mat Salleh who was interested in buying a property in Malaysia. He never stepped a foot into this country but he fully trusted Farid*. I don't know what the details are, but he ended up giving the down payment money to Farid* and Farid* cut all contacts with him and disappeared.

Mind you, this is not the first time Farid* has pulled a stunt like that. But somehow, I don't know, I believe no man is evil in this world (except the Zionists, haha). I believe, all criminals in this world commit crimes because they are either
- desperate
- crazy
- traumatised by their childhood upbringing
- stupid
- don't realize it would cause harms

Because even criminals are humans, there are mothers who love them, wives who adore them. Can you imagine your father in the prison, although you love him so much, the others hate him and you know your father didn't mean to do bad things, it must be heartbroken for you to see other people who can't see the goodness in him...We can't be quick to jump into conclusions because we don't know these people...

Okay, now I am babbling because I'm getting a bit emotional. Kesian!

Perhaps I'm naive in this, but seriously, is there truly an evil person out there who just wants to hurt other people for no reason? I'd call that crazy.

That's why I sympathised him instead. What drove him to steal? There must be an underlying problem to it, there must be! Farid* is 'budak koleq', he is smart, a bit lazy but smart, he had good education, so what went wrong? His broken family?

My boyfriend's aunt said I have a neat body. She literally said, "Body kemas".
I just had to laugh when my boyfriend told me this. What did she mean by that!

She was describing how I look like to my boyfriend's cousin.

My boyfriend confidently said it means I have a nice body.
I didn't believe him because no aunt would describe a girl by her body type! She would say I am pretty, I am a nice girl, I am polite or I am shy, but no way an elderly would say this girl's body is mantap! Tipu okay! Especially when my body is not mantap to begin with!

I believe she just thinks I am neatly dressed. Haha. It still cracks me up.

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Anonymous said...

Kalau org utara ckp 'badan kemas', it means 'tegap' kot. tak kurus n tak gemuk..
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