Friday, February 20, 2009


When I was little, I went to a Sekolah Agama and the teachers taught us how to pray. One of the ustadz said, "Dalam sembahyang tak boleh gerak lebih dari 3 kali berturut-turut!"

I asked, "Tapi kalau mulut gerak-gerak tu?"

"Kalau mulut, tak apa lah!" he smiled and left me confused.

I started to learn fasting when I was 9. At 11, I wanted to collect all my pahala, so I decided to fast 100%. By that, I meant, I didn't allow myself to even swallow my own saliva.

It was quite difficult since I had to be in my class. So, I took many tissue papers with me and spat in them everytime I felt my saliva accumulated in my mouth. Disgusting.

This only lasted a few days though because I never saw the ustadz spat while he was teaching. He must be swallowing his own saliva too.

What can we learn here?
Kids pay attention to details!
And they are naive little creatures.

I told a friend of mine, Amy, about another friend who has too much money in his hands, he bought a car for his girlfriend just after a few months dating her.

Perhaps because of the way I brought up, I thought that was simply wrong.

Amy, on the hand, argued that the car must have been bought under his name, so, technically, the car is his.

Well, my friend isn't the one driving that car!

"It's like a loan to his girlfriend," Amy said.

"No. He bought it just because his girlfriend could use it. Besides, if I were the girl, I wouldn't even accept it! Would you? Baru berapa bulan bercinta!" I asked.

"I would. I would treat it like a loan. Pinjam saja. Tak apalah! Kalau break-up, pulangkan balik..." she replied.


Okay, I've discussed this with many people and this was the first time I met somebody who confessed that she wouldn't refuse an expensive loan.

My parents would scold me if they see me driving a new car, every single day, to work.

"Ni kereta siapa ni?" they'd ask.
"Kereta ni boyfriend bagi pinjam..."
"Boyfriend yang baru kenal tak sampai 6 bulan tu? Habis, dia pergi kerja macam mana?" they'd ask.
"Dia ada kereta lain..."
"Kenapa nak mengada-ngada nak pinjam kereta orang ni? Kalau accident macam mana?" they'd ask.
"Ala, dah orang bagi pinjam, ambil je lah, untuk kemudahan juga..."
(Confirm kena pelempang lepas tu. Haha, no lah, my parents won't literally slap me...)

"Jangan jadi perempuan murah! Kalau dia bagi kamu pinjam kereta dia, kamu pula bagi dia pinjam apa!"

Do you remember Noritta? That 22-year-old girl who was found dead in an apartment unit.

When the news broke, my friends and I always wondered, why didn't her parents suspect her activities? Did they really think that she could afford living lavishly at a very young age working as an 'executive'? At that time, we couldn't understand it because it sounded too foreign to us, we thought no parents in this world could be that ignorant!

Now I know. They do exist. Adults can be naive too.

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Anonymous said...

I wouldn't call it being naive. I think its called a 'blindspot'. Every parent (I should think) ha a blindspot - especially when it comes to the favourite child.

In cases like this, the parent will always think up excuses for that child - or even ignore certain facts completely.