Monday, January 26, 2009


I saw a TV programme just now. It was about a professional sky diver who met a misfortune while sky-diving one day. His head hit the chest of another person who was also free-falling at that time and he broke his neck which made him paralyse while floating in the air!

Even though he was paralysed, he was still concious, so he was aware that he was falling but he could not move a muscle to activate his parachute. How scary is that?

At 500 metres, I think, his emergency parachute was automatically activated but there was no way he could manouvre himself for safe landing, and so he crashed on the ground.

I think that is the most awful experince. In a split second, you are trapped in your own body, so helpless and just waiting to die. I'd rather passed out than having to witness the terrifying fate.

He survived but he is now paralysed from the waist down.

He could either regret to have ever sky-dived, or glad that at least he had the time of his life doing extreme sports before his current condition hits him.

A friend of mine saw another friend of ours, Lia*, made out with a guy, Mat*, who is engaged to another girl.

The best thing for us is to not get involved and ignore and pretend like nothing happened.

Jahat. Kami tak suka!

The fiance will be devastated if she knew. Ignorance is bliss.


Weed and Bandages said...

yang ada skandal dengan lakibini orang tunang orang atau apa2 saja yang menyimpang memang membosankan.

elok buat tatau.

good day! :D

green apple said...

Lia* tu tak tau kot Mat* tu dah engaged?

Pegi la bagitau.

Aku memang suka porak perandakan orang.


ectopy said...

tahu lah si mat tu dah engaged, kata good friends...tapi dah ter over dah!

Aki (Kotak) said...

Apa jadi dgn orang kene langgar kat chest tuh? Ok ker?

the ectopy said...

oh, orang yang kena langgar dekat chest tu okay je...