Monday, January 19, 2009

charm me.

After persistent brain-washing, haha, I managed to make my boyfriend tell me what the actual surprise was and I convinced him that I'd rather have:

A charm bracelet.

It's perfect because
- it's less expensive than the original to-be gift
- he can select the charms to represent my personality and to represent 'us'
- you can start from one charm and add a few others as the time passes by, which means, you won't be spending a huge amount at once
- you can replace the charms with new ones if you think they no longer suit your personality
- since it's not that expensive, I won't be pressurized to buy something that would match that gift. Hehe, I am selfish, I know...

Since my charm bracelet will cost him less that his budget, I asked him to donate the rest of it and he agreed. That makes me extra, extra happy! :D

Tapi dia ni tak tahu pulak charm bracelet tu apa...Sigh...I asked him to Google it! Takkan tu pun nak tunjuk, independent lah sikit...

Even though this is not going to be a surprise gift, but I can't wait to see the charms he will personally add to my bracelet.

I did not explain to him how the charm bracelet works. I hope he realizes NOT to add just any charms to the bracelet to make it more meaningful to me and to us, so this should be interesting...Hehe...

And I hope it wouldn't be too crowded too.

I hope to get at least two of these charms:
- my initial
- his initial
- a heart-shaped charm (to signify his love to me, haha)
- anything that symbolizes the work I do (which makes me who I am), but I think this is quite difficult to find

If I get something that I don't like, I wouldn't hesitate to replace the charms, I don't care.

Excited pulak nak tunggu! Yeay!

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