Monday, March 2, 2009


Life is not a fairytale. Yes, tell me something I don't know. But I still want the ideal life.
It's like believing in God. Even though I cannot see him, I could talk to Him and question Him.

That is probably my greatest strength. Believing in something what most think impossible.

I am sad and I am being ignored.
And I am getting used to it.

My sister was getting braces for her crooked teeth, she went to see a dentist but the dentist referred her to another dentist because he thought my sister's teeth were "too complicated" to be fixed.
I laughed. I still think it's funny. It's fun to tease your sister.

She is in her twenties but she still has one or two milk teeth and that's what keeping her from getting the braces on earlier. She is sooo my little sister. Gigi pun tak mature lagi.

As much as I want to make fun of her appearance, we all know my sister is better looking than me. I used to think, at least I am smarter than her, because Mother thought so, but now I've realized, I am not, because she will be probably making more money than I do. That's okay.

When my niece was a baby, I've always thought she was a beautiful baby. But when she started to school, her skin became dark, gigi rongak, comot, what happened to my cute niece, I thought. Now, she is 10 years old and blooming fast and she is looking prettier and prettier, I confess, I am intimidated by her looks.
Because she has always thought I was beautiful. Soon, she will realize the only reason she thinks I am is because I am nice to her. Haha. I know, because I've gone through that phase before, when everyone I thought was beautiful is no longer appealing to me.

I like to bring her jalan-jalan. I used to hate it when people thought she was my daughter. Now, I miss treating her like my daughter. She is more like a sister now.

This post is all over the place. Perhaps, I am simply missing my family. Or my boyfriend. Or someone. Anybody.


Anonymous said...

Are you the infamous Piahzadora?

ectopy said...

er, me? why???