Sunday, March 15, 2009


I'm getting suspicious, I think I am actually not so anonymous in this blog! I've only confessed to three people so far (and I made them promise to keep it as a secret) but how come there are more than these three who know bits and pieces about me which, I'm sure, have never been mentioned in this blog. Mencurigakan. Dah jadi curious case dah ni...

Speaking of anonymity, what happens to that blogger? I stopped reading the blog a week ago because I was too busy (and not to mention it's getting boring for my liking), and when I finally have the time, it's gone! I suspect somebody must have known his/ her true identity. Spill, please! No wonder one reader thought I was him/ her. Here, I want to emphasize again, I am not. Seriously, cerita betul, tak tipu.

I clicked to view his/ her complete profile and saw other blog links, one of them is which contains his/ her previous blogposts. Another is but I couldn't access it because I am not an invited reader. When I clicked on the 'View my complete profile' again, no links are left on the page anymore. What mystery is this! I am lost...

Now I sound like some freaky stalker.

I was supposed to write about something else but my mind was distracted by the above, now I've lost my train of thoughts. Til next time, then.

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