Thursday, November 20, 2008

sayangi bumi kita

I don't like scented candles.

There are enough people in this world who use combustion unnecessarily, firing guns and nuclear bombs, lighting up cigarettes even though it's harmful for our health, people who switch on the heaters even though the library is empty and there's nobody in the meeting room, factories and their thick, black smoke coming out from the tall chimneys, Christians lighting up candles in the churches, Buddhists lighting up praying sticks, bomohs lighting up the kemenyan,


Saya geram. I feel obliged to blow off the candles everytime I see one, screaming, "CO2, CO2!"
Did you know the ice is melting up North and down South? Do you even care? Did you know the flora and fauna are becoming extinct because of the thinning of the ozone layer?

Do you not have other alternatives to make your room smell better! Aren't there other methods to be romantic?

One of the reasons that further strengthen my believe in Islam is:
Islam never promote the act of burning unnecessarily.
Islam is environment-friendly!
In fact, I read somewhere, fire arms should not be used in wars (in Islam).
That was 1400 years ago, I don't know whether that could be applied to modern times. Why not? The warriors (globally) were more noble back then. They wouldn't fight you if you didn't have a weapon and they wouldn't ambush you out of nowhere (eg: while you are sleeping), if I am not mistaken. Berperang pun secara beradab. Fair and square.

Okay, I am getting out of topic.
Secara rumusannya,
I hate air pollution and wars.