Saturday, November 29, 2008

quick update

Life is funny. I received a serious marriage proposal last night from someone I hardly know.

About once a month, he would send me an SMS which I never really replied. I didn't want to give him false hope. I haven't chatted with him for months until last night. He asked whether I had broken up with my boyfriend and I told him we are still happy together.

He said if I agreed, he would see my parents as soon as possible.
I asked him why I should choose him and why he likes me. His answers were not impressive at all!

"I just like you," he said. "You don't even know me," I said.
"How many men in this world could be with someone like you...I'd be lucky," he said.
"I am nothing special. I am not rare," I said.

I was getting annoyed because there was no depth to his intention. I felt like he was taking advantage of my vulneribility.
I ended the conversation quickly. I told him, I would only consider him if he was good-looking and rich. Haha.
However, he sempat lagi menjawab, "See for yourself."
What do you want me to see, huh? Your paycheck?
I hope by now he hates me and never brings up this topic ever again.

Still, yesterday was fun. Prior to that, a long lost school friend flirted with me.
He is smart and a very decent guy.
When we were younger, someone told me an inside story about his family. He comes from a very wealthy family. Don't know why his brother left home, though, rumours said he didn't get along too well with their dad (I think they've patched things up now). The informer also said he has a specially built mini bar in his house. Bear in mind this happened when we were quite young and innocent aka 'jakun', hence the 'Oooohh...' and 'Aaaahh...'
His parents used to have exotic pets too! Contohnya deers. How cool is that?

I am glad he turns out okay. Whoever has him as a partner would be lucky. He is very humble, responsible and quite conservative. The conversative part is very comel. Haha.

I am always flattered when someone flirts with me. Biasalah, jakun, haha. Believe me, this happens very rarely to me.

Since my boyfriend is busy nowadays, memang tak ada orang to flirt with. Speaking of my boyfriend, a few nights ago he sent an SMS at about 10pm telling me that he was going to bed already. I called him straightaway just because I wanted to hear his voice before he went to sleep. He confessed that he wasn't going to bed yet, instead, he was going out again to finish his work. The only reason he wished me 'Good night' was because he was afraid if he forgot to say 'Good night' to me later on. It is our little ritual or I would be very upset if he forgets.

He ended up coming home at 430am. The night after, stuffs were stolen from the site. He was very stressed about it because the dateline is very near. After he lodged the police report, he apologized for not having time for me. Surprisingly, I was very understanding. Actually, I symphatize him, I wish I could do more to help him.

I am thinking of buying him with a gift, but I don't know what to buy.


mamasita said...

How old are you?You sound sebaya like my daughter.Only her life revolves round her work,cuddly loyal cat and her boyfriend whom she sees once a week or once in two weeks.Of course sms hari2 lah.Masa my time dulu,kalau tak jumpa sehari rasa macam nak nangis!I guess masatu I selak betul nak kawin.Kalautak kena cap tak laku!haha.Tapi you all nowadays have other more impt things to think about.Boyfriend dah quietly proposed a few times.She says shes not ready.Nak kumpul duit and tak ready for responsibilities like must cook and clean for hubby etc.Career comes first.Yes,marriage is a very serious step.Kalautak sabar,memang jadi mini tsunami.Hahaha

mamasita said...
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the ectopy said...
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the ectopy said...

How old is your daughter, mamasita?
I am in my twenties dah...I think your eldest is about 25 years old in Manchester, right? Macam mana your daughter muda-muda dah di propose, she must be a catch! Hehehe...Well, unlike your daughter, we (my boyfriend and I) are ready to take the step, but ada masalah lain...And yes, we don't meet everyday, but I always wish we could!

Anonymous said...

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