Saturday, November 22, 2008


Atlantis Resort of Dubai just had its official launch yesterday (a few hours ago, in fact).
It's the most expensive party ever recorded,
the biggest firework show, beating even the recent Olympic China firework display,
(it was believed that you could see the firework display from the outer space)
the security was mega tight, roads were blocked two kilometres away from the venue.

The hotel even has its own water park and aquarium.

You should google the hotel/ event and see how extravagant it was.

Dubai doesn't look like it's in the Middle East with the A-list guests and their attires flocking the event.

Personally, I think it's such a waste of money.
If I ran my own country, I would be sad to see my people serve these 'outsiders'.

Oh, well, all in the name of publicity.


coops said...

u know what, i wish i have all the money in the world to live in Dubai :) guess i'll work harder *wink*

Anonymous said...

The filipinos,indians and other nationality yang served the guests. Dubaian is sooo pemalas.I personally think they are not productive at all.Quoted from a Malaysian manager in Dubai,"kalau this country kena attack,tak cukup orang yang nak berperang."even the army are foreigner.

coops: u might wanted to go to Dubai in January and June; "Dubai Shopping Festival and Dubai Summer Sale" :p